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  1. Please, Please Please .. someone at Linden read all of these. The changes to profile suck. If you want a web presence through our profiles do it, but, don't saddle us with the same thing in world. It's been said again and again, it's too big, it takes too long to load, it is just unworkable. I'm following the links posted in some of the messages and going back to 2.4 ##*&+@*, I downloaded the 2.4 beta to try to go back but when I open it, I get a message that forces me to viewer 2.5. The only options are download viewer 2.5 or Quit...HELP!, please? Nevermind, I found an old blog post for the 2.4 release. That link downloaded the 2.4 viewer, let me install it and did not give me the annoying, you better download 2.5 stop...here it is http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/technology/blog/2010/12/16/viewer-24-released
  2. you're not alone, I get that error sometimes too
  3. I switched to viewer 2 at the beginning and suffered through the first one sometimes sneaking back to an old viewer or a TPV. But, I committed to it very early on and defended it against many who tried the first version then vowed never to go back I'm afraid 2.5 disappoints me, why do we need the web profile inworld? I see all the plusses for the web, but, I do not need a big portion of my screen filled when I check the profile of someone who walks into the club. Just as an aside, my profile got wiped clean of my description, photo, everything...just left my name Boo
  4. the improvements to viewer 2 really have taken into account user feedback and it is much much better than the first version after the 2.2 release, maybe you should give it another look.
  5. Welcome to SL Kim. This is a social network to beat all others, Facebook, MySpace, Fetlife, Education... everything is covered here. A wonderful place to learn new skills and experience things you only dreamed of. As so many others have said, please create an alt and explore this world, all of it. It will blow your mind! Welcome and the best of luck in your new position.
  6. I love you, thank you We have been told that LL is aware of the issue and that we are not alone. their suggestion for anyone who is interested is to reboot the sim every day. The success of this has been less than thrilling. Some areas are not affected at all, but clearly some are.Thanks for the jira information, I have voted. The issue, we've been told, will be bundled in with the server changes. The server changes themselves will not correct the problem...it will just be an opportunity to resove it at the same time...with broad implementation. Thanks again for the answer
  7. Thanks for your insight. Yes, the weekend probably plays into it, but, it is like no weekend I've experienced in over a year in SL. Clothing is incredibly slow to rezz, scripts are running very slow and there are lots of complaints about people and things remaining grey for a very long time. I thought it might be something to do with the server upgrades. Anyway, it remains a mystery I guess. Trix
  8. Thereis nothing in the grid performance from LL that even mentions that things are incredibly slow this weekend. It seems to be everywhere and even with sim reboots does not seem to be corrected. Time for a conspiracy theory here? Anyone have any inside info? Is it maybe part of them working on the servers noted in grid status only as restarts for next Wednesday and Thursday? It would be nice if the slowness was resolved before then Trix
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