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  1. Are we to assume that by trying to send a ticket you mean that you have been to support and they have refused you? When you go to Help on the file menu above, you can contact support either by filing a ticket or using live chat during the hours it is available. see here... http://screencast.com/t/gkFuVSLwB You may want to check again with the landowner to be sure they are following up. They may even have started a Jira if the issue is big enough. Joining the JIRA (if there is one) might get it looked at faster.
  2. The notification window, especially the one for Animate your Avatar in many poses disappears too quickly. It ends up in the notification bin, now in the upper right within a second or maybe two. I've searched the preferences and other file menus, but, don't see anything that makes me think it would be useful to extend the period. Is there a setting under Advanced or Developer menus that will allow people to change the time the notices stay visible? Here's the type of notice I'm talking about ... http://screencast.com/t/txQLMggw1 Thanks for the help! Trix The debug settings answer is correct...thank you so much. The actual command in the debug settings is "notificationtipToastLifeTime" ...the answer was definitely close enough to get me into the right place. Thanks again
  3. Trix Braveheart

    sexy walk

    There are free animation over rides (AOs) available. Vista has a very nice one...go to Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?search%5Blayout%5D=gallery&search%5Bcategory_id%5D=&search%5Bsort%5D=&search%5Bper_page%5D=96&search%5Bkeywords%5D=animation+override&search%5Bprice_low%5D=0&search%5Bprice_high%5D=10&search%5Bprim_count_low%5D=&search%5Bprim_count_high%5D=&search%5Bcopy_permission%5D=0&search%5Bmodify_permission%5D=0&search%5Btransfer_permission%5D=0 I searched animation override, then for those costing between $0 and $10L, you'll find a bunch. Attach them on your screen in one of the hud positions, in most cases just wearing them will do that, they'll have a preset position and will appear in a corner of your screen somewhere.
  4. Trix pauses for a moment and wonders if this is a possible solution to avatar physics and prim jewellry attached to those bits. but seriously, would you then somehow script the fingers to work with objects...hands would definitely look better with this extra bit of structure...just curious
  5. I completely agree about the skirt. I made it my first project too. And, the skirt looks great without the extra little prim that is often hard to get textured the same as the outfit. Lowcut tops also sweep properly. Mesh will not replace everything, giggles, you just can't get skin tight jeans any other way. Most designers are sure to unwrap the mesh and paint it in PS or Gimp. Mesh offers so many options, in the skirt I designed I added a skinny belt with a buckle and it is possible to actually make it proud of the skirt...it seems a little thing and the effect visible only up close, but, think of all the hours you've spent fitting belts or sleeves or cuffs. I wish we had movement, but, some designers have done a marvellous job of making some long skirts seem to flow. Maybe someday.
  6. About the tailoring, there are some merchants in SL that offer that, I'm thinking particularly of Yoni's Designs. Her chains are quite elaborate and are difficult to fit on larger avatars, smiles I know. I might ask her how often people ask for that service, sort of a percentage of customers...of course, mesh is a little different, there is not the opportunity for the customer to change the size themselves.
  7. For those here who commented about fit, maybe you would like to check out a thread dealing with sizes, here... http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Mesh-clothing-sizes/td-p/1097619 I'm sure your input would be appreciated and you could see what others are doing to try to deal with the issue. All sizes of RL clothing don't fit everyone the same and it does cover up your shape. Nonetheless, well designed clothes are attractive.
  8. I've sen mesh cltohing so far offered by some in regular and curvy or by others as small, medium and large. And, a few manufacturers offer samples that you can try on to know whether it will fit. Is there any interest in creating sizes as in RL from 0, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 up to say 15/16 all designed to fit the incredibly tall avatars in SL? On a practical note, how hard would that be to do? and Where is the best place to design those changes...in world or in the original design? I'm fairly new to blender, but, I'm thinking bone weight copying 10 sizes would be hard because you would need to scale and manipulate the clothing to a whole range of default avatars. To those who don't like that the clothing covers their shape, hmmm...isn't that what RL clothing does? I think I look better in a well designed dress than I do naked...it's about how it hangs and accentuates the positive...giggles TMI, I know
  9. Thank you for your excellent original post. /me nods, but, he does cover some other things in it like how to view layer pallets and stuff. And, he is dealing with a picture already on a transparent background which complicates matters a little. The part I particularly like is the way that he takes the background colour out of the picture altogether then adds it back in. The method does not leave that pesky halo around the hair because it eliminates the background. There are a couple of similar methods out there where the photoshopper (giggles, is that a word?) inverts the colour then increases the contrast to make the background white, then does a layer mask and omg...I'm sure you get the idea. Afterall, this is just another method...I thought I would offer it
  10. I doubt that I will ever be confused with the river of knowledge, but, it does appear this issue has come up a few times recently Not having enough money seems to be one explanation...another mentioned is a java runtime error. Maybe one of these links will help you http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/quot-User-Exception-quot/m-p/888413/highlight/true#M4283 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Failed-deliveries-due-to-User-Exception/td-p/764535 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/quot-User-Exception-quot-on-Order-Status-What-is-the-latest/m-p/1024639/highlight/true#M6868
  11. Here's a link to the JIRA I have on one aspect of this issue, please join it and add your comments https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3864 Take heart, you are not alone...I know that doesn't help much with the frustration, but, we still hope for a fix
  12. Oops /me blushes Thank you so much. I knew it would be easy. Trix puts on her dunce cap and heads for the corner.
  13. stop accepting unsolicited gifts from strangers especially men /me giggles
  14. I'm pretty sure I messed up my Blender settings on the default avatar somehow. I previously created a skirt and exported it no problem. It behaved properly, the hip joint rotating as it should. My latest set-up allows the hip to move along the plane x, y or z instead of rotating. This issue occurs only with the bones joined with a dotted line, hip and shoulder...the remander of the bones work just fine. The mesh moves with the avatar, so I believe the bone weighting took properly. The attached video illustrates the problem. I cross posted this on answers yesterday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6eMhtRnqUo I apologize for starting a new thread, but, I didn't see one that covered this particular issue. Thank you for any suggestions you can offer.
  15. Ashasekayi's series might help too. She goes through the bone names and extracting them from the avatar list. As well the rigging and as a bonus weight painting. Good luck http://www.youtube.com/user/ashasekayi#g/c/11D6E99BB51A2BB2
  16. Here's another nice way. I've used it often, works like a charm for those pesky tiny areas on a solid background. It's done in GIMP
  17. Sounds like a plan, but, wouldn't we be left with something like what happened when Phoenix added their extra attachment points and everyone saw those attachments hanging about the sim somewhere, unattached to the avatar? Jessica Lyon did a blog post on Phoenix about how meshes looked to the non compliant viewers, some of them looked completely indescipherable while others, well were closer. Is that a by product of the LOD settings or something completely different? http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=MeshEnabled_vs_NonMeshEnabled I looked at these again and you're right what everyone else sees is ugly, :smileyhappy: Hopefully mesh will give those still hanging on to the old style viewer the impetus to update to a compliant viewer...if they still have a hate on for Linden, Firestorm I guess. It's too bad so many of them took one look at the very first version of viewer 2 and never went back. I'll agree that that first version was a radical change but Linden has listened to the issues people brought up and I think it got much better each new edition. /me climbs down off her soapbox and blushes...sorry
  18. /me smiles yes, I did sit in a club the other night, a large void south of my navel and a lovely checkered ball in my hand for nearly everyone else there. It's a great skirt, but, for now only about 25% of the people got to see the look.
  19. there are some great building and clothing tutorials inworld...classes too. Take a look at the courses offered at Builders Brewery...they start from very simple things to the more complicated
  20. Mesh looks very nice for some things, like that nasty little prim piece that never seemed to have the exact colour or texture of the rest of the skirt. It also looks great in a top where the fabric flows more naturally over the breasts. But, for skin tight things that show off your shape, stick with paint, smiles. I can see it especially once sizes become more uniform or available becoming something for special bits of your clothing, like a long evening gown or a short pencil skirt...things that have been difficult in the past and requiring pants under gowns. It unfortunately does not flow. So, for me, in some situations it is going to be nice to have. Regular clothing and prims will still form a very big part of my wardrobe
  21. Yes Holger, that's why it is so frustrating...it happens sometimes and not others and to some people and never to others. I work at a club where I often gave new girls clothing, the gift function was like a godsend, but, then it started this and oh well... I now send them off to buy things or give them some of my own creations. It's just a shame that some merchants are losing out and probably don't even know it
  22. Thank you Arwen, I've added my watch to the jira you mention. It is however a different issue from the one I run into. WeB-3126 is an issue with recipients not showing up...Perhaps I misunderstood the issue in this thread, but, my jira deals with avatars who are found...the system identifies them enters or even completes the name in the gifting area...but then, the system appears to accept it but says it cannot be delivered right away...eventually the thing just times out...there is no charge to the giver and the recipient never receives the gift. The frustrating part for me is that you cannot know when or which avatars the system will not deliver to. Linden did at one point seem to say it was just new avatars which is why I made apoint of sending some gifts to people up to 3 years old and still having this happen...it is not possible to say when it will and will not happen BTW, I was told I guess almost a year ago now that voting for JIRAs no longer made a difference and that only watching did...however, with all the misinformation that sometimes gets tossed around... I just don't know /me giggles, maybe I'll do a jira on it
  23. Thank you Gaia, but, where do I put it? Sorry, I'm not very technical with scripts and stuff.
  24. Yes, it happens all the time when using the gift function. There doesn't appear to be anything specific to the people it does it with...I've had the same issue with avatars who have been around a long time and brand new residents. I took the issue up with Support and they sent me to the JIRA, where you will find the issue here https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3864 Nothing is happening with it at all...the only way it will be dealt with is if the merchants made an issue of it, but, they don't even know that you tried to order a gift. Maybe someday WorkingOnIt Linden will get to it. It is very frustrating to jira things as it seems mostly that's where issues go to die. Please post your comment on the JIRA, so they know it's still happening
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