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  1. Thanks Thinkerer. Ive done that search once before and there alot of info on how to make one for yourself and thats about it..well I have done that...Now its actully using them.
  2. I have recently discovered "Fake Bake"....Its great!, But would someone know of any links to tutorials/YouTube videos to help me on how to incorporate it into my creations?
  3. Thanks for your insight. Now i'm judging whether GIMP is all that stable!!? As I was working on a tutorial, it decided it had enough and wouldnt respond...grrr...Whats everyones thought of GIMP?? If its going to keep doing that for me..hmm :womanmad:
  4. Thank you all for your responses, they have been indeed very helpful for me. I am still unsure whether to invest in CS5 as although its a powerful program and it would be great to have for a clothes designer in SL, I read its more suited to professionals...And I am questioning would I even use half of all the bells & whistles it has as I am only an amatuer clothes maker!?....So forking out close to $1000 for software to use only for clothes design and maybe a poster/shop sign here and there...hmm...I'm still unsure..maybe I would be wasting my money. I have downloaded GIMP....Kind of similiar to PS and I am testing the waters on that one. I have also downloaded Blender..to use for a 3d model to paint on....Wow.....its some peice of work isnt it lol.
  5. Its alot cheaper too I can imagine than CS5....I like the idea of painting directly on a 3d model though, as some clothes creation can get a little tricky with lining up patterns etc......I dont suppose elements has the 3d model feature??
  6. hi! I am wanting to upgrade my Photoshop from PS7( I know, ancient, lol) . Which version of photoshop is the best...CS5 or C5 extended version? I do mainly clothes creation..I heard one of the versions let you draw directly on a 3d model....which one would ya'll recommend?? Thanks for reading my post:))
  7. Thanks for your reply Topo. I'm definately thinking of upgrading my Photoshop (currently PS7..I'm still in the dark ages lol).
  8. Hi. I'm still learning clothes making and I need some tips or tricks on how to match up clothing textures, for example, creating a plaid shirt with upper and lower on the jacket layer. I'm trying to make a plaid shirt, but the upper and lower fabric dont quite match up (lines etc)..Any ideas?
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