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  1. It seems no number of ARs about this issue have any effect. I can't imagine that it is that lucrative for the perpetrator, but, they just keep it up. They fill in precious spots on the ban list already filled with idi0ts of one sort or another
  2. You'll find some great tutorials on You Tube using both Photoshop and GIMP (GIMP is a free program very much like Photoshop). You will need them or something similar to them to create clothing. It is easy to make clothing using templates for SL, most tutorials start you out with a T-shirt, but, the learning curve is really exponential. Do a google search for even more stuff. You might want to avoid mesh at the beginning although it has wonderful application in SL. I deleted the whole paragraph where I tried to explain why...trust me, learn to paint on the avatar first. If you enjoy a more pe
  3. Surely manufacturers for clothing that fits prim breasts use something. I've searched and searched for information on this tipic with no luck I did, however, find HKM United on Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/26996 They have two DIY systems for appliers for multiple manufacturers. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BOOB-TOPS-MASTER-V2-DIY-KIT-Your-workflow-master/1652919 $700L https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BOOB-TOPS-PRODUCER-AND-APPLIER-DIYKIT-Your-Industrial-Master/1565810 $409L both have higher priced version for use in making transferrable styles for
  4. Hope Rolig's solution worked for you. If it doesn't maybe try restarting your computer, that sometimes works...it reloads the programs one of which might be the issue
  5. I created my first animation for SL using Qavinator, it works beautifully except where I looped the last 50 frames of the 270 frame animation. I copied the last position (the 50 frames from the end) and pasted it to the last frame, then looped the final frames. It looks okay in the preview pane for SL, but, when I upload it and try it out in world, I get an annoying stutter in the frame. When uploading, I messed with the timein and looped the last 10% of the animation which is well within the 50 frames. This link will show a video of the behaviour, I included only a few seconds..the rest of th
  6. there is another thread about free software for Mac too http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Animation-Forum/Free-Animation-Software-for-Mac/td-p/1644983
  7. Sorry, I got that link from the drop down in You Tube, but, if it doesn't work for you try here http://www.koinup.com/Medhue/work/439144/ same video
  8. I wanted to start making animations for second Life and was considering Daz Studio before I found Qavinator. Daz is a little more work because you need to add the Second life avator, here's a video that will show you how to use it. http://youtu.be/PPafuqpOqj I did check and Daz Studio is available for Apple I downloaded Qavinator the same day you submitted the questions and it is incredible to use, very easy. If you can find a way around the save issue it would be great, but, this might be an option for you...
  9. Final Update (from me anyway) I can hardly believe we ended up with a discussion about the sustainability of the planet, but, hey it's a good thing. People in Second Life think and can express themselves. Not to denigrate any other "game", but, I sure like that fact about Second Life. As for my original issue, the Lab has decided not to respond any further...no answer to the follow-up questions. For those of us familiar with the wiki and abuse reports in general that shouldn't come as a surprise. I've dismounted, hung up my sword and shield and settled back for a long Winter of enjoying the
  10. JeanneAnne Second Life is many things to many people. It is the reason it is so hard to define just what it is. I love that so many get to have free fun, lots of what I do earns me nothing and costs nothing. But, SL offers so many other opportunites as well, I and many others get incredible satisfaction out of creating. There are many creative people (not me so much, blush) who use this and even the commerce as an outlet for those energies. I've tilted at this Linden windmill for about as long as I care to. /me puts down her torch and pitchfork and turns her back on Governor Lindens estate.
  11. Thanks, yes I realize it's not much money...I think I said that in a couple of responses and you are completely correct...I've lost no sleep over 2000L$ And yes, I've mellowed a day in -but-, I still object to the ridiculously vague notice. I don't expect Linden to give me chapter and verse, but, and I asked them this in my abuse report to them,...was it something as simple as a bad or stolen credit card or something more like a break in their security. I truly hope the credit card is the answer, but, we really are all guessing that it wasn't something more dangerous, aren't we? I take h
  12. Thank you. If they tell me someone scammed them with a credit card, I'm okay with it. Their answer was typical corporate "evasive speak"...fraudulent means could also mean someone hacked our system. I'm a lot more worried about that. Excellent explanation Thanks again BTW, do you know anyone who has had this whole credit card fraudulent Lindens explanation from the Lab? The response looks canned, but, people I've talked to have never heard it before...that could be a very good thing (meaning it hardly ever happens).
  13. Thank you for the very well reasoned response. I completely understand, why they took it back, but I would like more than the canned response. I have yet to find one person who has experienced this set of circumstances or this explanation. It truly is hard to get the word out in SL. But, others have said they were hacked or their Lindens were stolen somehow. No one has heard this obtained by fraudulent means argument. SL has an economy based on trust, call them Lindens or tokens, but, if Linden sold them to someone and their own safeguards are faulty, I'd like to know Some of the people I've
  14. Honest, we've all attached something to our right hand...sometimes you just can't tell Welcome to Second Life!
  15. Even the Feds tell you why they are taking the car or the stolen bonds or the horse back. I think the point here is the Lab has the recourse and we don't, it's a real life legal one. They should be looking out for us. In this case only merchants lost, Unless we hold the Lab's feet to the fire they have no downside. We pay, they win. This is a money issue, small now...but, how many got taken by this guy and how many of his pals? What about the future?
  16. Yes, I checked for him first...nails sharpened and out...but, he isn't shown in search anymore...it's one of the things I mentioned to Linden in my Abuse report. He has ripped off Laqroki and probably Vista as well, they may not know it yet. There was no inwolrd notice to me, just an e-mail and when I looked the money had been taken from my account. I'm mad because it's almost like they are saying I defrauded them and I have no way back at the guy who did it to me. There isn't even a method given...is this a big security hole at Linden or a "one off". Neither I nor any other merchant has a
  17. I have searched for a relevant thread, but, I didn't see one on point. I cannot imagine that this is the first time this has happened and this seems the most likely forum to have had experience with it. I received the following e-mail Dear Trix, We regret to inform you that the party who recently sold you L$ may have used an unauthorized source to make the purchase from Linden Lab. As a result of this fraudulent activity, and per the Second Life Terms of Service, the L$ sent to this account are voided. We have removed 2k linden sent from: totaer Resident. Regards, Linden Lab To correct s
  18. Has anyone else, this might have been experienced by other sellers in SL had this happen to them? I received a note today from Linden Labs (a no-reply e-mail) advising that they were removing 2000L$ from my account because a customer had somehow, they didn't say how, obtained the Linden dollars "fraudulently". I cannot see how I can have the money deducted from my account for the other resident's wrongdoing. I have no way of knowing what it is they are suggesting he did. The lab referenced the TOS and looking through it, I cannot see how my account could debitted of Lindens when thei
  19. I thought that was Support's job. When they used to send my issue to the JIRA, I knew thaty were sending it there to die.
  20. Just unbelievable. The support we could give each other when reporting, following and watching a JIRA has been lost, or at least that's how I read it. Now, you're just a voice in the wilderness. Linden was horrible at correcting the issues when we could watch. I have a hard time believing that the new system will be any better when done in private. I'm a little worried that they will forget all the outstanding issues to concentrate on only recently reported things.
  21. Italians are lovely people:matte-motes-grin: I don't think they are discriminating against you...there have been three similar issues reported in this answers area in the last couple of hours. The SL Grid report mentions some log in troubles and possibly something with other parts of SecondLife.com...but, if I was I would report the issue to Support and see what they have to say about it [Completed] Unscheduled Maintenance Thursday, September 6th, 2012 [Completed 12:10pm PDT, 6 September 2012] The unscheduled maintenance has been completed. [Posted 8:00am PDT, 6 September 2012] We are
  22. Trix Braveheart

    why am i a cloud

    There is also an excellent blog post here http://nalates.wordpress.com/2010/09/24/avatar-render-problems-ghost-cloud-smoke-ball-ruth/ It doesn't mention an issue that currently exists with wearing two or more tattoos. The tattoo issue is intermittent and you can go days even weeks without it being a problem, then one day you just don't rezz for others...then when you try to correct that with a relog, you often don't rezz for yourself. Once you've corrected your current issue, it is recommended that you store a copy of your avatar in your outfits folder (if you haven't already). Switching to
  23. You could try the new Bug reporting procedure, but, I'm pretty sure anyone can file a support ticket (even non-premium members).
  24. It's a setting in Preferences. Look for one that indicates "Only friends and groups can call or IM me
  25. There is an excellent post on the subject of Clouds... http://nalates.wordpress.com/2010/09/24/avatar-render-problems-ghost-cloud-smoke-ball-ruth/ it's been of great help to countless people who find themselves in your situation. it details the causes and solutions very nicely. Start with Ctrl+Alt+R and go on from there. There is one item to add to the list though...tattoos. In some instances tattoos will cause a bake fail when you wear two or more of them. This is becoming more prevalent with the advent of makeup on tattoo layers. It is a very inconsistent fail, you can sometimes go weeks w
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