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  1. I've experienced some form of bug or issue with my Feed Profile. In fact, the bug that striked emilia Avindar and cello damiano is the same one that attacked my account. Its a bit frustrating that this bug will not allow me to edit/delete cello's name from my Feed. This happened a week or so ago...I thought this issue would have been resolved by now. I noticed in the forum that emilia Avindar requested Costumer Service to delete the posts in her Feed and that seem to resolve the issue. Is this where I would request LL to delete the posts in my Feed since I don't have the ability to edit or delete them. Please advise...thank you. I would very much like to see my own postings and not those of others...or see my picture on their Feed...PLEASE HELP:womansad:
  2. I bought a script that makes bubble gum and "popping" sounds Instructions from creator says to rezz object, drag script into it...however she also says that "be careful" cos the prim drops 10m from its original rezzing point. I was on a skybox, and the prim just disappeared. Did a "Tools > Select Only My Objects" and used the edit menu to find the script...even from zooming out to no avail A guru builder/scriptor, tried the script...and like me, he lost the prim...HOWEVER...the script is still alive on the sim where I rent a skybox. If I log on in V2, the script is running none stop in local If I log on Phoenix, there is no evidence of the script My friend the builder, derendered his entire sim to find the script, but he could not find it either. Please, is there anyone who knows how to kill this script? BTW, creator is clueless how to help If there's anyone who can help me inworld, please dont' hesitate to contact me...boridiva Seda
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