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  1. Hi :-) thanks for your help! I am using Chip's templates, and I haven't had much issues with seams, tbh. It's only when i work with patterns. For instance, I was doing a top with a small flower pattern, and i gave up on making it longer, because there was no way the seams would match... I'll keep on trying, and see if i can sort it out. Otherwise, I'll just come up with an excuse for it hehe :-) Cheers! Danii
  2. Hi all :-) I recently started designing clothes for my avi, and I bumped into an issue which I'm sure has been spoken about before... I looked around, but couldn't find the thread... Well, I'm designing a sweater, and I want it to be a bit longer, so I know I need to extend it to the lower body. With a solid colour, there's no problem; but when I'm using a pattern, I can't make it match on the upper and lower body. How do you do it? Cheers, Danii
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