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  1. Hi and thank YOU too as well as everyone else. I have been set straight by all ... including by my own offspring. Can't take back my flippin rant....Most answers were kindly stated ... Guess I really stood out as a newbie. I really am not a prude either and I do enjoy sex... obviously searching for erotic animations....(my first time search for that) Just got a little shoooocked by coming across picture of real people after hours of scanning page after page of 'cartooning'. Friggin popped my cartoon world bubble.!! Keep up the kind helpful responses everyone. Have a super day! Conchitamaria
  2. I thought this was all "second life".... fantasy... be who you dream to be. Since March I thought I had found the perfect 'second life'. However, during my shopping spree... The store I came across had listed photographs of real people in sex acts!!!!!.... under the guise of selling that particular 'act' as animation for (L$900 and up) Those photos belong on a porn site NOT on SL!! Those photos show people not avatars!! This particular person has been a member since Mar 22 2009 , so then...if this is okay with the Linden World and its communities then it must be made known to the general public that Second Life is also promoting the selling of realistic pornographic photos. Then all of marketplace will have photographs of real vaginas and penises, real houses, real people! REAL LIFE!!! Where I thought I had found something unique in 'second life'..... I am now just feeling very disappointed... almost to the point of closing my account.
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