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  1. I did not abandon it, but it is. Help!!!!
  2. Why don't you tell someone else what to do? Your answer is not at all helpful. I am here in SL doing what I want just as you are and I have a right to complain all I want as I have used live chat with no help, submitted a ticket, etc. So your opinions mean nothing to me.
  3. Hi I have had this happen to me endlessly and the only way that I can fix it is to do this: 1. Open Control Panel 2. Open "Folder Options" 3. Open the "View" tab 4. Check "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" Press ok and close control panel. Accessing AppData 1. Open Computer 2. Open C: drive, then * XP: Documents and Settings * Vista/7: Users 3. Open AppData 4. Open "Local" - Your address bar will appear as C:\Users\\AppData\Local 5. Delete "SecondLife" 6. Now go back one level to the AppData folder 7. Open "Roaming" - Your address bar will appear as C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming 8. Delete "SecondLife" 9. Restart your computer. This is important. Do not try starting Second Life again until you have rebooted. **
  4. I am having the same problem and no help is coming. Why pay tons of money for this happens too often and never gets fixed, makes me sick (literally)
  5. Cherryvanilla


    When will I ever get un ghosted and get back on SL? I thought this game was for fun? What am I paying all this money for? A whole day of aggravation!!!
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