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  2. Many many many years ago LL sent object looking bots to gather land data so you could always tell what it was and what it was doing. I forgot about that until you posted this.
  3. *spots post count* Oh, you's a funny guy. In all seriousness, though, Linden Labs won't do anything, aside from point to the already existing ratings. Sex sells, even if it's pixel bumping. They remove adult content, not only will they need to spend resources to moderate all of Second Life, but the user base would plummet faster than Galileo's Balls.
  4. Aren't we all just living in boxes, maaaan? exhales smoke 😛
  5. I was actually pointing out, that it lacked competitiveness.
  6. I've just had the first teleport failure since the grid got the fix. I guess that as it's written on GSP, it's "a fix which should reduce incidence of teleport disconnects." A sort of a band-aid, then. Still, after a long time stuck on the TP beam and the teleport failure I wasn't disconnected. So, it was a good band-aid. 😄
  7. Great advice, most here is Inochi. I tink it turned out real well. A shame the water isn't so deep.
  8. It's okay folks - problem solved. Went to show transparent and found that it was all attached to a very small prim - which I could eject.
  9. I made an underwater scene in my alt's boat, and was photobombed by the shark! He is mostly friendly, a bit curious. If you will come and visit, please do. It is a badeball with a free swim HUD from Herk's Lab there. The waterscooter rezzer should work for all. Protected Land, Evallen (192, 244, 22) - Moderate Lands you on the sand next to it. Let me know if it doesn't. The doors is closed, but cam in as much as you like. Look at the bottom of the picture, it looks like a finger pointing up. It's the tip of a coral with underwater poses.
  10. Friday: 2pm to 4pm Friday Night Dance Party with DJ TarzanTom in Skygarden Club. Saturday: 8am Introduction to Building Class, in main sandbox. 11am to 1pm DJ Hippie Party, on the beach. Sunday: 7am Scripting Class- The LSL Menu, in Skygarden sandbox. 12pm to 2pm Beach Party with DJ Luke, on the beach. All classes are free, more details at http://helpinghaven.weebly.com http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Helping%20Haven%20Gateway/42/52/25
  11. It'd be more productive to regulate trolling to make sure it's effective - bridge inspectors, etc.
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  13. It is what it is. Did ya happen to see Dead Pixels on E4 last nite? Takes the peas out of the pixel pumping, shows what really goes on behind the avs.
  14. Hi everyone I'm the new designated owner of a private region that is used by a university. There is a huge phantom rotating world prim - not a full globe, just a one sided texture on a curved mega prim (I think) that was previously used in a project concerning a space station. That project is long gone - as are the people behind it. The only thing that remains is this giant prim, which casts a shadow over most of the island. I've tried several times to right click it so I can return it to its owner, wherever they might be, and off our island but I can't get a hold of it. I can't click edit on it to move it - it's as if it isn't there. Would anyone have any ideas how we can be rid of this blasted thing? Thanks Orion
  15. They do not need a witness as they have access to the chat logs and other tools to look into the matter so there is nothing new that a witness could tell them. If your friend feels they were wrongly banned, they need to open a support ticket and explain the issue in a polite and cohesive matter. Bans have been reverted in the past, but if the facts are there and speaking volumes it's very unlikely that your friend will be unbanned. Bans are not issued lightly, there is such a thing as temporary bans. If your friend received a permanent ban it either means the offense was a drastic one that warranted immediate removal from participating in SL or they received previous bans that culminated into the permanent one.
  16. @ Mollymews.. thats not quite what i had in mind ROFL..😃
  17. I'll counter Aquaman with an equally appropriate Murk:
  18. it may be that the number of regions hasn't changed. It may be that another region that shares your server has now gotten a new enthusiastic script-loving parcel owner. How server time is allocated to each region I am not sure, but it could be something like this
  19. As a test earlier today, i flew up to just over 2000m altitude in my region then increased my draw distance... and i was surprised by how many skyboxes and sky platforms were up there. I am glad we can't see them from the ground, but I guess it shows that even with a nice home, some people still like living in boxes 🤣
  20. It's funny that this person seems so affected by all the adult things in SL. I don't encounter it 99% of the time because I don't seek it out and I don't test random beds in people's homes to see if the owner bought the PG or Adult version. The only time I do run into it is when I do a hunt that leads to an adult place but that is few and far in between. So one does not even have to select "General only".
  21. Thank you, what I was thinking is perhaps like witnesses providing the evidence that could change the mind of the matter perhaps? I do understand that it may be all just my wishful thinking, but I need to find out for sure.
  22. First off, only the person banned can dispute a ban. The issue is between that person and second life and has nothing to do with anyone else. It's a private matter, logically and legally speaking. A petition to get someone unbanned will not do anything safe for perhaps making you guys feel a bit better. All your friend can do is to contact support.
  23. I want to ask how can someone petition a ban on sl? What happened is someone I know got banned from sl and from what I understand the reason for it was something I believe me and others could dispute. I fully understand that ll don't make these decisions lightly and that this might lead to nowhere but I also feel like I owe it to my friend to at least try and help them out. So any suggestions would be appreciated.
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