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Sorry all, I know noobs are a pain


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Please do as Ceres said: post a pic. Anyway, you should be aware that advertising pictures for shapes and skins are most of the time Photoshopped so you may not look exactly like the ad you've seen. This is why you must ALWAYS try a demo version before buying. There are a few things I never buy before trying a demo: shapes & skins, make-up, hair and, if available, shoes.

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OK so to insert your picture: save your snapshot to your computer. Make sure it's not over 500 ko size. Then, when posting your reply, click the little tree icon in the tool bar above your text. Select : "images from my computer", "browse', "insert image" then "post".

Edited: your picture must be either png. or jpg. format.

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under the folder "library" in your inventory, you will find a folder called "clothing", under it, you will find a folder called "initial outfits", you will find there a lot of avatars you can use, with the possibility to mix their clothes to create your own personal style.

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Just try saving another pic. Save it to desktop or some other obvious place. If you're going to post it here, save it in png or jpg format.

On a PC you can also look at recent documents to see any files that were recently made. On a Mac I recall something similar but my Mac doesn't get much use anymore so a little fuzzy there.


For the -body- of your avatar look to my propportion guide. But for the face, that's more about personal preference - so along with your pic, make a comment or two about things like what ethnic group you're going for and such - and some other traits you desire to have show up (puffy cheeks, or high cheekbones, arched brows, smile or frown, thin lips, pouty, or Mic Jagger, and so on).


Some basic lessons on adjusting the facial dials is that you want to avoid too high or too low on most of these. To get an effect in a spot, tweak not just the dial that seems to be for it, but also the ones for spots near it to -blend things together- more smoothly.

And make copies / backups everytime you get a result that is an improvement to your eyes, in case you mess everything up in your next set of tweaks.


Also look at you head from the sides as well as front on when doing this. A glance through many people's pics will show that this is often neglected resulting in chins that cut off half the head by slicing through the neck - a result of people removing -too much- jowls and double chin.

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To really help you I think we would need you to give us a bit more information.

-Did you choose one of the free basic avatars SL offers new residents? Or did you buy yourself a new shape and/or skin?

-Are you willing/able to spend some Lindens on looking better?

-Did you change anything about the appearance of your avatar yourself to make it look bad or are you just bored with the way it looks?




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I only used the appearance option in inventor and have to admit it did not do much for the Linden avatar I chose at the beginning.

Yes, I certainly want her to be prettier.

I had used the Gothic one on an old acct and canceled that one.  She was much easier to change her looks.  I should have used that one this time too I guess.

Yes, I would spend some L$ to look better.




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- Make you're own. It will be your look, something you can proud of, and with a little study you can learn how to do it well.

I've linked my blog on proportions down below, but first some specifics.

(Its fine to buy the skin and AO, but NOT the shape.)


Ok, time for me to let loose since that's exactly what you want.

I'm shooting for general here since I can't be certain as to what kind of look you want.

Make the eyes a little bigger, and space them apart about 10-20% more on the dial than they are.

Curve the outside corner up a little, and the inside corner down by the same amount. My avatar has these two maxed out for an extreme curve.

Play around with making eyes bigger but opening more narrow, and vice versa - good effects can be found in the right balance between these two which varies by individual. Leaving them both alone though is not as impactful.


Make the head 5% smaller perhaps. But add some head stretch. Experiment a little. Dial up egghead a few notches.

Gives the brows a slight arching.

I forget what dials do this, but you need more roundness to the top of the head and more angle to the bottom to get a heart look.


Make the lips smaller (less wide). But then fuller. Give yourself a 5% smile or 5% frown. Either one looks better than neither - but only if only slightly there.

Make the ears 15-20 bigger. Give them a very slight amount of pointiness - it adds dimension. But anymore than slight and you're an elf - adjust carefully.


For a caucasian the nose might be about right, so leave it for last - adjust it if other things still don't look right.


More cheekbones and higher.

Thinner more pointed jaw.

Lower cheecks more hollow

Upper cheeks - adjusted to match where your cheekbones and lower cheeks leave you.


BUY a professional skin. This goes a long way. Lyrical Oh will sell you an African one for $300L that looks amazing. For caucasian I have no clue - but expect to budget from 300-1000L. Try out at least 5 demos in the inworld shops before buying. Do it inworld because the shop you go to to try out something you find might have one 10x better on the wall next to it (this is what happened to me at Lyrical Oh - I went there for one skin I saw on Marketplace, and have since bought almost every female skin he makes -except- for that one for different alts... Turned out that the ones that looked worse on Marketplace looked best when I put them on, and the adverts around me led me to find more).

A good skin will also hide that 'Axe dent' in the middle of your chest. We ALL have it - but you can't see it on many of us because we have minimized some of it and hiddent the rest in a skin. Its a mesh flaw... you can weaken it a little with the right settings, but never get rid of it fully. A good AO also helps hide it a lot. You can see it on my furry avatar though, but less on my neko - due mostly to skin but also from the choice of pose I used for my furry in my forum avatar pic.

After skin and shape - AO will have the most impact on how you 'look' in Second Life. Budget 300-600L for it. Shop around. I prefer the ones in the sim found on the map with 'Anime' (but not anime in search, that is the map location). But other have other preferences. Find your style - spend a few days on this and make sure you pick right, because it communicates your 'motion.' In SL, your AO is your body language - and it has a MAJOR impact on how people react to you.



Dial arm length up to AT LEAST 80. Right now you have T-rex arms and it is likely causing you to see flaws elsewhere more than they actually exist. One aspect that is 'inhumanly disporprotionate' can cause the eye to get 'alerted' and start seeing more flaws, even ones that don't exist, all while not consciously knows what the real issue. For you - its your arms.

The default SL female's arms are WAY TO SHORT and they are actually only anatomicall correct at a setting of at least 100... but of course the dial only goes up to 100...


The second half of my proportion blog has a list of every shape dial on your avatar and what it will do to your looks:


- go there for some more refinements.


I might come back with more comments later.


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Nice! You managed to post a picture, congrats! Now let's see: mmmhh, yes your avi still looks noobish and as you are willing to spend some Lindens, I would suggest you get a good shape first. Unique Megastore has shapes at 799 L. Then a pretty skin will cost you 1499 L. It's an investment but it's worth it. I have worn the same shape by Unique for more than 2 years now and still happy with it. All shapes and skins have demo versions for 0 L. Take your time and try as many as you want before making your choice.


You can also do a search through the marketplace for cheaper items if you cannot spend that much. Here's a example of a promo complete avatar (with a modify shape), hair included:


In all cases, don't rush. Wear the demos for some time and when you feel comfortable with one, buy the regular version. And, most of all, have fun!

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You have until 31. july to buy at the TULI skin sale. The packs have the same shape as shown on the vendor. I was there yesterday and bought a "Sara" skin, it's Tulis newest and she really does good work. http://tules.blogspot.com/

The skin pack also comes with options for blonde brows, and a cleavage booster and a minimizer, freckles, 6 eyeshadows and lots of lipsticks. You really need a viewer where you can wear more than one tattoo layer with this. I paid 1990 L.

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MariahWhispers wrote:

Thank you all.  This is a world of information.  I want a very beautiful facial shape, possibly higher cheek bones, and eyes are a must.   I will certainly play with this.

The dials I mentioned: to raise cheekbones, hollowness in lower cheek, and pointiness to jaw all kind of combine for the higher cheekbone look. Eyes of course - which kind of eyes, but here's a little snippet of what's on my blog (this part of it came from someone else's older blog):


Eye Size – adjusts the overall size of your eyes

Eye Opening – adjusts the vertical opening of your eyes

Eye Spacing – adjusts the space between your eyes

Outer Eye Corner – lifts and lowers the outer corners of your eyes

Inner Eye Corner – lifts and lowers the inner corners of your eyes

Eye Depth – adjust the depth at which your eyes are sunk into your head

Upper Eyelid Fold – lifts and lowers your upper eyelid

Eye Bags – lowers the “bags” under your eye

Puffy Eyelids – adjusts the puffiness of your eye bags

Eyelash Length – adjusts the system eyelash length (set to “0″ for prim lashes)

Eye Pop – adjusts the “pop” of either eye.


Upper Cheeks – adjusts the puffiness of your upper cheeks

Lower Cheeks – adjusts the hollowness of your lower cheeks

Cheek Bones – adjusts the height of your cheekbone



Jaw Shape – adjusts your jaw to be pointed or squared

Chin Depth – adjusts the depth (or height) of your chin

Jaw Angle – adjusts the height of your jawline


You might see a furry in my avatar image here, but I've got a neko look too, and made my shape myself. Likewise with my human alt - self made shape. Its always best to do it yourself, even if you don't get as good; you get something that is -you- 100%.


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/me waves. 

What a good looking gazebo. Where is that place? ;)

About oh 30 meters behind you is a kiosk filled with free shapes - just go and take all you want. :) 

About 10 meters behind you is a private cabin to try them on, in.  :) Stay long as you want.

There, that was easy!

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There really is an art to making a shape.

If you are on a budget, there are many places that offer either a free gift shape, or a free shape in a lucky chair, or even all their shapes free, such as Miss Murder.

I disagree that a shape maker's time is worth any less than a house builder's time or a texture maker's time. Most of us can do those things too, but not all equally well.

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