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  1. Get yourself a gift this holiday season. Whichever holiday you celebrate, make an investment in yourself and in your Second Life future, with double prim parcels from the former Teen Grid. There are only so many parcels that were once the Teen Grid. This land cannot be terraformed, so, you won't be next to a mile high 'mountain' peak. The land is rated G, so if that is a concern, you won't be next to an "adult" shop either. Two parcels are in Hippoden. One is a corner plot facing the Linden Bridge. The parcel also has a Linden road around it. The second Hippoden parcel is besi
  2. I like Poetic Colors. If someone new is reading this, they have a free pair on their patio for new avatars. For everyone else there is a free pair on the back wall.
  3. It will take practice but you can learn how to get better at shape making with time. I do believe it also is a talent and not only about vertical proportions. If you can draw well you can probably make a good shape. Of course taste varies and what's good to one isn't good to others. On general topic: I have no problem at all with people learning skills or making their own shapes. It's only when someone claims there is no skill or talent to be found in shape making, or they go one step beyond that to claim they can take other people's work and put their name on it for that reason - then I ha
  4. I think before mesh there was also a body deformer, like tiny avatars wear. So you might try either way. Any kids clothing store should have customers or staff who can tell you though.
  5. TheG0t wrote: Dear baby boomer.. If it is the political back drop in RL . Or a new way to design in SL , you people just have to argue and cry out to every one your anger in having to deal with change... Sorry the world can not be the 1980s forever or the things on the net are fast paced and change all the time. The ageist crack wasn't really necessary - was it? Can people not post their opinion without first degrading someone else's? So not everyone wants to be a fashion clone. So not everyone wants the same shape. Nothing wrong there. I agree w/Penny it isn't mesh as a thin
  6. Bernie Shippe wrote: what about the case when the merchant has left the game? They could still be online selling it somewhere else. And you would still be in SL and there would still be a TOS to go by. OK what if they died. What if that is selling somewhere else. You copy and sell it or copy and change it for yourself. Now their thing is your thing. What if that's part of their estate. You took your piece of pie without asking kinda. If people want to steal they are gonna steal so this is kinda waste of time because aren't you going to do it anyway. You don't think it is wrong.
  7. Naughty naughty you are like (it bleeped it but the leader of the thief boys in Oliver Twist) in leading the new boys astray. zay. Don't squat just explore. Be glad you have no responsibility in here. No rent no home no people no job nothing to do but wander. You don't have to squat there are so many places you can go that want your traffic.
  8. Looks like women's hair so try women's hair creators. Maybe Truth, elikatira, Amacci.
  9. I was told some viewers will tell people when a photo has been taken on their land. Put up a sign saying no photos here and put it in About Land. If your viewer tells you someone ignored it you can report them, if it's that important to you.
  10. Glad you got off the train. Joined when public beta opened. Was too busy with RL and computer couldn't really handle it. Never saw anyone when I logged in. When I did see someone we didn't have much to talk about. Joined again in 2004 only to find that account was erased in mysterious circumstances. Think they said everyone who didn't log in after six months got erased. Joined again in 2006 this time went pay they told me then it wouldn't get erased. Every time I logged in there were problems like everyone wearing words all over their avatar. Had trouble learning to walk and fly and didn't
  11. Well a day came and went without your $2000 so what happened, did Snidely Whiplash marry your daughter because you couldn't pay your rent?
  12. It's against TOS. Should be end of the discussion there. Why wasn't it? Yes it hurts the creator of that object because they did not intend their work to be used in that way. If they wanted to make a blue one they would have made a blue one. If you ask them maybe they will make a blue one. What you are doing by modding the texture is getting around buying a sculpt. They sold you one outfit not a sculpt to make your own outfits forever. So yeah it hurts their sales. Maybe one day they wanted to sell a sculpt. Sculpts for building cost more than one finished product. People try to justify st
  13. Sorry Marianne I didn't notice you linked to the Benjamin skin. I went in and looked in my folders and found the LM and took it to Ruby's. Benjamin is the one in the photo of free skins at Ruby's. Why did I even bother to log in. Lol /hands the forum back to Pussycat
  14. I can send you a no modify shape like this one if you want. If you know which skin you will use I can modify the face for you. If you don't want it that is OK with me. You said medium to tall and this guy is sort of my average guy.
  15. Nice. Rootswear had a "Natty Dread" avatar for 1000 $L looked very similar but the details on the skin in your post are higher res.
  16. I used a Mother Goose lucky letter teenage boy skin for this shape. I also like Heaven's Gate Neo for male skins that are not muscular. I also saw a group gift skin at Ruby Skins just now that was not muscular. Their shape skin gift is Asian but with another shape it might look different. Their shapes are no modify. If you like this shape I made I can make a no modify one for you for free. I can change the face for you if you tell me which skin you will use with it. I will go get it if that skin is free or use a demo if it is not free. That is an offer of free labor. I don't care if you take
  17. These skins are free at Ruby. Upstairs. Their shapes are all no modify. Ruby Skins: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Axel/187/229/118 +++++++++ These skins are group gifts now at Ruby. Upstairs. Ruby Skins: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Axel/167/227/118 +++++++++ I used Men's skin 04 from Rootswear Freebies to style a male shape I made. He was called Dwayne. Women's freebies on ground floor near door. The men's freebies are up on the 1st floor. Men's freebies. Rootswear. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nooribeom/55/7/52 Picture of Dwayne shape just so you can see the free Rootswear skin. The
  18. Porky Gorky wrote: Clarissa Lowell wrote: ?? Genetics? Why should anyone help you? Beacuse this researcher values your opinions so much that he is willing to pay you a whole $2 for an hour of your time, Have fun planning what you are going to spend it all on! LOL I think it is already spent. I can't see where genetics fits into Second Life. Avatars don't have genes. Does he want us to take a DNA test?
  19. The head is too small and short and round. There are problem areas in the system shape mesh and this is one of them. There is no easy fix for this. It would be best to remake the entire head. This is the type of thing that takes some skill and is one reason why I hate to see other people's work stolen. Making a shape is not as presto change-o as most people think. Other than getting a skin with some expert shading in that area, you will be stuck with duck lip or monkey mouth.
  20. Perrie Juran wrote: Not everyone is an artist. Or wants to be. This is also true.
  21. Well your hair cut analogy is a decent one. Haven't you ever had a horrible haircut? That stylist did the best they could. Not everyone is equal when it comes to aesthetic ability. You can give the same pair of scissors and even the same haircut method to two stylists and they will not perform equally. So it is with the basic tools of making a shape. It isn't about the tool or being independent. It's about spatial relationships. It's the same as a talent for drawing or sculpture. You can tell someone exactly what to do. Not everyone will be able to do it equally 'well.' What some people kee
  22. Or he can change his preference to log in as his last location. Then he makes sure he logs out from your house.
  23. ?? Genetics? Why should anyone help you? hobbs Constantine wrote: I am studying the effect of virtual worlds on science inquiry skills. Participants between the ages of 18 and 65 should have had an Second Life avatar for at least 5 weeks before: taking an online pretest (~20 minutes), working through some basic genetics content (~20 minutes), and taking an online posttest (~20 minutes). Upon completion, the avatar's account will be paid $500Linden. If interested, please proceed to the Informed Consent Form here: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B7HbN-uLIFSqaGVPWDljTW9zYlU Cut and p
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