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  1. Gunner Grun wrote: Did you try and get a hold of the merchant first to see if there was a fix for whatever you didn't like or did you just leave a bad review without contacting them. The customer has absolutely no obligation to the merchant. Why do some merchants feel otherwise? That is a rhetorical question. There is no defensible reason a merchant should order a customer to contact them prior to leaving a review, let alone break TOS and harass them for leaving a review.
  2. melaniehaughton wrote: I am sure that there are several of us who have purchased an item off Marketplace and have not been satisfied for whatever reason. We then decide to make a negative review of that product. However, on occasions some of us have received abusive IMs from that vendor over the review. Perhaps I am being naive, but surely it is the vendor's responsibility to either assist the customer or make an effort to improve their product rather than attack the customer. In other words... After Sales Service! Yes. I could not agree with you more. I recall this
  3. Czari Zenovka wrote: Years ago on IRC, there was a man/Master in one of the first Gorean channels online. He was well-respected within the community and held "Ops" in the channel - it's like being a moderator. He had a "slave." About a year later it was discovered that it was a woman playing BOTH the "Master" and "slave." Needless to say the person was banned from all Gorean channels at the time and people were kicking themselves not to have seen thru the ruse but some people are good at manipulation. I find that a bit hilarious. I'm willing to bet there is a lottttt of gender role r
  4. I remember once a "couple" walked in and began to argue, disrupting a gathering of people. I thought it seemed a bit like a performance, too canned; suddenly one of them said the other one's line. Oops! It disappointed me that no one else seemed to notice, or care. I think this probably happens a fair amount in SL. Also I think a fair amount of 'partners' are the same person, so they won't be hit on, maybe. Or maybe in some 'industries' in SL they think it looks better to have a partner.
  5. Aw, come on, that was funny. Tex: Or liters of soda...which they can also use when empty.
  6. Phil Deakins wrote: so the "fat, unshaven, sweaty woman in a grubby, dirty vest sitting at the keyboard" is acceptable How you doin'? ...I'm kidding, Phil. But, I couldn't resist.
  7. Tex Monday wrote: sams Byron wrote: This is just my personal observation. I've noticed the various club venues I've visited tend to have a fairly very high ratio of female avatars declaring themselves as bisexual or gay in their profile versus female avatars who do not (and I assume are straight). On public beach sims, it seems to hover around 50-50. Non-gender specific regions, of course. I'm curious, what are your observations? Have you found that straight women are a minority versus women with different (or have multiple) preferences at your regular hangout spot? Please remembe
  8. Probably someone has said this; I will read the topic through later to see. But it's an opinion topic, so I don't usually read those first before giving my opinion, since no one can do that but me. Most of the gay or bi women (avatars) on SL are men. I think a fair amount of the male avs dressed as transgender hookers are female. (So I've heard enough say. Hmm, how do I know that? More like overheard.) Go figure.
  9. That was beautifully said, archeocortex. Happy New Year to you as well!
  10. Czari was in the field as a professional I believe what she has to say. Addiction = less return than gain; compromises real life and responsibilities; becomes joyless but compulsion continues. To me that is what addiction is, but it really is a disorder or disease with a solid definition. I suppose it could be loosely applied in a subjective way but that would also tend to be inaccurate.
  11. Congratulations on realizing what is right and best for you. Wish you all the best in life.
  12. Well said. I agree it is not something that can be understood and translated after a simple sit down session. At best it will just be another article with preconceived notions. The best articles will come from within the place. They (almost all of them) won't even spend a half hour in world, so I can't take them seriously. Even the ones who will go in world for the interview, have no investment in the community or the 'world' of Second Life, so I can't help but give their curiosity the side eye. It's like feeling an elephant with a blindfold on. Which bit you approach for that one session, wi
  13. The fact that most of these survey takers (if not all) do not follow academic procedure or rules, nor do most (if any) seem to show any respect for the community they wish to 'study,' nor are most if any willing to come back with a link to the results, nor are they willing to spend any time in world, speaks volumes to me. If that means people who call attention to the obvious are being "snarky dicks" then so be it. Personally I think all the gall rests on the other side of that equation. When did academia become so desperate for money that it allows "asking questions in a message board" to
  14. Aiden Rives wrote: Most people on SL are just odd. They don't talk like people irl and have very erratic behaviour. It just seem like a lot of people on SL have personality problems, rage issues or are depressed. Generally mentally unstable people you know. Do you notice it? ______ No. Aiden Rives wrote: I think people who don't notice it are one of those mental people themselves, birds of a feather flock together huh? Uh oh.
  15. So, Konnor, did you find everyone's replies helpful?
  16. /hopes the OP will post again with feedback.
  17. OK after some digging and searching I Located some info for you. THe person who makes the sculpty tree that I believe is the best in SL is Leni Galli. The tree isn't cheap - the 10 meter tall one costs 9600L and I can't remember what the huge tree cost. I think the huge version is 40 meters tall and 40,000L. It's a showstopper if you have a huge mall or sim to decorate. The 10 meter one was just fine for me, and for most purposes. It fit inside a gazebo I had. The sim is called Sculptiewood. Here are pix and a SLurl. The next pic is of the huge tree. The sculpts don't deform from a dis
  18. How much do you want to spend? I bought an excellent sculpty tree, very realistic, last year. But it cost 10,000 and that wasn't even the large size! And it's no copy. I would also recommend Minke Bailey, who has some nice sculpt Christmas decorations, including trees, for much more reasonable prices, and they are copyable. Just look up her profile in world to find her shop.
  19. I've heard of child avs being ARed for being on a nude beach (they shouldn't be there) and I don't know about proximity but voyeurism is a kink and it could be argued they are engaging in that so YES, if you are a child av don't knowingly go near anything X rated in SL. Seems obvious. I have to wonder if this topic isn't a troll topic. I mean, no black people in SL? Everybody is in SL. And I mean avatars too.
  20. Which a lot of America has solved by being unemployed.
  21. I'd like to put him to work chasing those Car bots ruining the SL byways.
  22. Knowl Paine wrote: A very unpopular job is sorting and renaming textures. I send you a box of about 500, you try to make sense of them. A brick texture might be named 004 tfg, red brick would be a better new name. What's it worth? I don't know. You would also get a copy of all the textures (full perms). Many types of objects can be sorted in SL. They need to be sure the textures are legal to share - or they could wind up in hot water.
  23. Jo Yardley wrote: Generally SL is not (yet) good enough to offer a quality shared video experience. I've tried many expensvie video players and due to connection, lag, etc, half the audience is always a bit behind. We do have 1920s movies in our cinema, lots of fun but no competition to seeing a video. But yes, if someone has a good low lag cinema somewhere they could make a little money showing movies. And especially with a documentary about SL, it would seem obvious to me to screen it in SL, even have a premiere there with VIPS and so on. I can't see the OWN channel and won't buy a
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