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  1. One of my favourite past time at is free skydiving at 4000m from my sky platform. When I say free it means I don't wear parachute. I stopped doing this earlier this year because someone had put up a giant megaprim on her parcel that spread across my parcel. I sinced moved to another place but had forgotten about skydiving until you mentioned this today. I think since I have a bigger piece of land now, I'll build a proper skydiving place for anyone who wants to use it and hopefully no one will crash into my neighbour's 100 horses and killed them horses instantly. PS: If you need someone to go skydiving with you let me know the time and place... I also have a thing for free fall from a skybox/platform and not knowing where I landed. Once, I landed on a table at a guy's backyard. I had to dissapoint the guy that I wasn't the rezday cake girl he thought I was.
  2. Janelle Darkstone wrote: Ah, heck, who am I kidding? I don't even leave the house. Same here... hahaha.. ! LIKEs your siggy. No not this one, the previous one and the one before that and the one before that previous one.
  3. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Chinese-Tea-Leaf-Eggs/Detail.aspx Sorry, I got the steps wrong. I should boil the eggs first and them soaked it with tea overnight. It is also called called marbled eggs. Other variation would be Century eggs which is an acquired taste for many. It smells like horse urine but no, No horses or urines were involved.
  4. I'd like them soaked with tea overnight before they're boiled into perfection. Boiled eggs must then be diced into small pieces so I can add it into my chicken congee with a little drops of sesame oil. Meanwhile at a pick up bar.... Man: "How do you like your eggs?" Woman: "Preferably unfertilised."
  5. Janelle Darkstone wrote: ..... lonely old guys with bad hair. define 'old' ? ... nevermind the bad hair, I think they all have ditched that freebie scruffy hair that I see in every noobs and seem to be uniforming towards a certain hair from LAQ. I've seen at least 6 guys in this forums that are wearing the same hair.
  6. I agree with you.. I like Cyprus too although I prefer Portugal over Spain. And No this is not about Britain so back to regular schedule...
  7. A dog pissing at everyone crack me up too... hahahaha... and Yes, you do hate living in there. Wonder why half of the people in Cyprus and and the islands in Spain are Brits?
  8. The Day Second Life becomes 70% Shopping malls, that will be the day when I'll stop playing in Second Life. Merchants would like to believe that Second Life is all about making money. Little they forget that NOT everyone thinks like that. If every 3 parcels in Mainland has a shopping mall next to it and in each mall accounted to... let say ... 15% of the region's script memory, how would that not create a mass lag in that region? What is a Second Life if every turns you make there is this vending machine with floating texts with bad textures? Maybe it is just me but I noticed with more land clearings in Mainland things are much less laggier than before. I can finally sail a boat in Corsica for more than 30 minutes before I got stuck. I just spent 5 hours last night building in my own land without crashing or getting stuck in one place. Ever wonder why some parcels that were abandoned have not been put up for auctions? Maybe LL is using those empty lands to create more memory space for the rest of us that are still living nearby? And about Marketplace, that is a good place to shop for things that does not need a demo. I mean, do we realllly need one more clothing shop in-world when it is so much easier to find it in Marketplace with my own budget range and object permission? Boots, skins, shapes, clothes even some building kits like textures and sculpts are just better be kept in Marketplace than in-world. I seriously do not think people go to shopping mall to socialise in Second Life. Yes, it's a potential place to get hooked up but certainly not a place to socialise. We have gardens, clubs, RP areas, beaches, Welcome areas & info hubs for this. I used to go to this beach where it has a huge space for walking around and activities going on until recently when they turned half of the sim into shopping areas. I stopped going there since. I do agree however that land tiers should be brought down a little for those would like to build and enjoy their own place without resulting to selling something to make ends met.
  9. Kettle: Oh, Uncle Sam... you're dead broke! Your people are living on the streets and you owe China some serious money. Apple has more money than the goverment's bank. Pot: Oh, What about you? ... you haven't paid the 10 millions you owe to the Saudi king. Your own people hates living in there and you have more foreign workers (like yourself) trying to live on squats. China & Saudi Arabia: We want our money b*****s!!
  10. I think it's best if you just keep your Noob avatar's body shapes. They are the skinniest ones I've seen for male. For skin try these ones below or type in Marketplace 'Male Teenager' or 'Male Young'. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/annaA-Body-Shape-Nathaniel-copymod-BOX/2290522 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BNDCute-Young-Boy-Shape-Male-avatar-Shape-PromoSale/2173671 I also noticed that most asian male avatar shapes are less mascular than the typical caucasians or african avatars. You might want to try looking for them and then just change the facial features to shape it into your preference. For realism, you may want to visit Avatar Island. They make a replica of your face.
  11. Kervin Karu wrote: Quick question: If I set a display name, is there a way to delete it? So that then only my username shows up. I know I coulsd change the display name to the username but then it'd show like this: Whatevermynameis(Whatevermynameis) because doesn't it show up as Display Name(user.name) ?? Yet when you start out I believe it just displays as: Username. Can you revert back to this at any time? I don't quite understood your question but if you are asking if your Display Name can be reverted to your username at any time, Yes, it is possible. You just need to reset your display name. But it would only be 5 days later when you can create another different display name.. unless this is changed recently.
  12. Check this one out... Assuming you are English/Wales of a male gender who is living in USA... http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/gen-male-en-us.php
  13. never really checked myself but I would assume those were our Adam & Eve starter avatars way back when.
  14. I don't shower in SL so I need clean clothes every 5 days so I won't smell much.
  15. Gestures are ok. I especially like the one that comes with animation. What I find annoying was when the sim is packed with avatar, everyone's having a lag, DJ's doing his/her best to get through all the listeners and when he mentioned someone's name, someone's gesture cuts off with a long howling. Gestures are fun when done right. I don't think attending a classical live music and having someone saying 'Oh la la la I love this tune' in the middle of the performance would be consider as classy.
  16. I personally have a much older Avatar that has my real name but that account is strictly for RL works. It was a required process by the company we were affiliated with. I never used it for anything else than entering the company's sim and no way related to my other avatars. If you do not have anything to hide and would like to make a name in the SL business, I suppose it won't hurt. I've seen some RL names here and with their RL business, job title and company's address. I'd say follow your instinct. When in doubt, don't do it.
  17. Yes, I'm wondering myself about it. I supposed there were more demands on Mesh than there was for megaprims?
  18. Go to your Lost & Found folder. Remove folder by Adam & Eve and empty trash can. There were a bit of error created this week at the Lab so everyone got an extra few hundreds of items. But that were supposedly fixed last night so you might want to clear yours and it shouldn't be happening again.
  19. Love new features.. Like the profiles, very happy with the much easier environment settings. But what happened to the presets I installed in previous versions? And can I still reinstalled them back to the same folder I used before?
  20. I also suggest a yearly sacrifical of a virgin.. you know, for old sake.. just to make sure the dead wont come and haunt us.
  21. No.. I disagree with the last name. It should be 'Dead Ancestor Worship' not 'Memorial'. We're not just gonna be throwing in flowers here but a real worship thru candles and dead chickens... flowers are not hardcore enough for ex-V1 diehards.
  22. great idea... you know in Asian cultures they have this Hungry Ghost and Dead Ancestor worship that are being held every year. I suppose I can come and visit this forum every year and pay my respect by lighting a candle and bringing in dead chickens to pay tribute to the death of predecessor of Viewer 2. You all can come and mourn or cry with me of the past for a short while.
  23. Randall Ahren wrote: three inventory tabs, all, recent, and worn. Until Firestorm and Phoenix and Singularity has somehow brilliantly create a Pre-View mouse over on those items in your inventory, they serves no real purpose than trivial vanity. She's having an issue with matching her clothings... now wouldn't it be nice if she can somehow keep what she had worn ( and liked ) as a 'link' and saved it so next time if she feels like wearing it, she could just expand and wear all of them? It wont remove the clothes from its original folders and she can always create another link with the same blouse but with a different pair of pants. What phoenix/singularity can do is to save them in a folder and it will remove it from its previous placeholder which is kinda chumbersome. What if I want to wear my pink shirt with my white skirt from another folder?
  24. It is categorized as GD under the people's forum. I supposed whatever Lifestyle & Relationship hadn't covered already can be discussed in here. I do think this is related to SL and everything else that might be somehow related to SL. Kinda like the Mature rating before it was properly cleaned out recently. Meaning, you can push your limit and hope the moderator will find it interesting enough to let it stay unless there are too many immersionists & roleplayers reading your subject at that time and it ruined their fantasy and RIC'd it. In the meantime, it is a GD about SL. As far as I know, you could post commerce stuff in here as long as it is SL.
  25. And I would like to supply you with a a year worth of Pepto-Bismol... ETA: ooppss this for the OP.
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