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26 minutes ago, Tarina Sewell said:

He is actually a beautiful dog.... I love this breed

   He is! It's a Doberman. 

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I have had a super week!

I've picked myself up off the floor, dusted myself down and reminded myself not to become too invested in relationships in SL because quite frankly I am far too much of a catch for anyone. I threw myself into weightlifting on the SML system and despite it being only my first week at it I ranked #5 in the strength gain contest which I was really happy with!

I've also found time to get out and shop which is always enjoyable even with the lag at the events. Made some super new friends and also been all arty.


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On 5/21/2020 at 10:21 AM, ManuelAngel2004 said:

🤫 <— Tap the emoji. 🤭 

LOVE IT !!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!

   wish  there was a time machine ,,,,  and Hubby loves this song as well and  added it to his music playlist for the pt    


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