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6 minutes ago, Phil Deakins said:

We still have those ranks, y'know ;)

They may never change now because this forum may not have the system in place to do it, so those who have Advisor and Helper ranks will probably keep them, at least until the next forum software comes along. I'm just sorry that I didn't make it to the super-hero rank before the forum changed :(

What? I had not noticed those! Those are set in stone?

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16 hours ago, Phil Deakins said:

Oh, I have no doubt that you can list hundreds, or even thousands, if you want to, but I wasn't talking about small businesses. You can check this if you like but I did say," well-established, and well-known stores/creators" and "bigger stores". There have always been thousands of small stores, and you can list them all if you like, but I'm not talking about those. I'm talking about those that make significant RL money - thousands of US$ each and every month. Trying to shift the focus doesn't work ;)

You can argue all you like, but the bottom line is that the top quality stuff that's sold at events are almost all available afterwards. I did admit that colour variations were a possible exception, and I'll add, since you mentioned it, that texture variations probably are too. They are not what I'm talking about and don't come into my discussion. I covered colour variations earlier.

The texture variations are why I bought that particular item, one which was exclusive to an event. The plain knit ones in the store have no interest to me; my interest was all about the prints and how they well they work with the piece. The creator did a great job with choosing scale and laying out the pattern of the prints on the item.

So, from my point of view at least, that's one example of something of value which is high quality, desireable, and no longer available since the event closed. The fact that it's still available in a set of textures I don't like doesn't change that for me one bit. You asked for evidence and I gave you some from my personal experience.

Where did you use the words "well-established, and well-known stores/creators" and "bigger stores"? I can't find them in this thread. But since you want to use them, Sn@tch and PurpleMoon are certainly well-established, well-known and big (full sims, large groups, busy, high traffic) amongst clothing creators. Baby Monkey continues to be a bit of a legend for shoes, for all that the MM boards at another store get a lot of the fashionistas' attention. Timeless, Texture Me True and Kushi are significant enough amongst texture creators that they are in turn helping other creators get exposure through their sims.

Are any of them raking in "thousands of US$ each and every month"? I've had conversations with everyone I mentioned at some point, but I don't know them well enough to ask about their finances and none of them seem to be the kind to brag about it in public. It is obvious from the way they talk that they enjoy the process of making things and have enough creative energy to make extra things for exclusives, promotions and/or gifts.

Maybe if they were even bigger and more succesful than they are, they'd some how become compelled to squeeze every last linden out of every single thing they make. I think that's more likely to be a matter of individual temperament than gross profit. In other words, I see no reason to accept your arguments here.

Your assessment of why other people do things is the closest you've come to 'evidence'. but the real evidence is that there are valuable, worthwhile, desireable and high quality items which are exclusive to events, and not just to the "gotta have the newest, coolest" set either. Sorry, but your argument just doesn't hold up.

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3 hours ago, Pamela Galli said:

No, you haven't. I should have said "one" not "you". But my point: even the big stores, most of whom Have teams producing content, as well as one-person businesses, can and most often do still focus on both artistry and income.

Oh yes. They have to or they wouldn't continue making the money they're making. People don't make such beautiful houses like you make without trying to make them as beautiful as they can, and taking pride in that. My thinking is, though, that, while they may have been art orientated intially, the art aspect now is to and end, and that end is the money. That's my thinking, anyway.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1735 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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