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The “What Second Life Means to Me” Video Share Project

Xiola Linden
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We’ve been having a lot of fun with no end in sight to the good times - but you can’t turn 12 without a little pride and reflection. Second Life has been going strong for a dozen wonderful years and there’s a ton of things happening to celebrate. You’ll see more to come in the Featured News Blog - but we wanted to stop and ask - “What is the meaning of Second Life?” To you - that is! This question may sound daunting - but the truth is, tapping into what makes “SL” so special to us as individuals and communities is a really amazing exercise in retrospection and self-discovery. This is your world - so what does it mean to you?

You can read more about this project on our official blog, and share your stories here in this forum thread!

I will kick things off with my own What Second Life Means to me video:


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My SL name is minamonroe, but to all my friends there I am Alizbet Ziplon.

Second Life became my refuge when my RL was falling apart. I was able to escape. I'm sure there are a lot of SLer's out there who can relate to that. My escape took the form of immersive RP. After visiting several others areas, I set up home on one of the Western Alliance sims portraying a lost and abused Native American maiden. She had no tribe. She lived alone in a little log cabin on the outskirts of a small White man's town. She was a very fearful and skittish soul. She'd been hurt. She'd been lied to. There was no one she really trusted. And she was very, very lonely though she worked hard to hide that. She always had a smile and a kind word for those who would be kind to her. She worked hard and wanted to help those she could.

One night as I was preparing to log out my gentle, sad Native self, a Group notice popped up. It was one I'd seen dozens of times before and had never paid it much attention. That night, I decided why not. That night and that decision changed not only my Second Life but my Real Life, too. I went to the Cherokee Story Hour and met Arty. I had seen him before in passing, but we had never spoken.

Long story short, a month later we were married in as authenic a Cherokee wedding ceremony as you can probably have in Second Life. Five months after our wedding, me met IRL. Arty DROVE 1600+ miles to make that happen. A year after that fateful first night, Arty had quit his job and hired a U-Haul to make our life together REAL, 24/7/365. I had a one way ticket to his home. I helped him pack his things.I promised his mom I'd take good care of him. And we drove off together.

Tomorrow 6/17/2015 will mark 3 years since he climbed out of his car in my RL driveway for the first time. It will be three years since I heard his voice without the aid of technology say, "There's my girl." Three years since our first RL never-to-be-forgotten hug and kiss. We have been a live-together couple for 2 1/2 years now and by all accounts, we're going to be together for the rest of our lives.

What does Second Life mean to me? It means finding someone who loves me in the same way I have always tried to love others. It means learning to trust again. It means taking a huge and very frightening risk and never looking back or having any regrests about it. Second Life taught me to believe in myself and to listen to my heart in ways I'd never done before. It has brought me wonderful friends I've never met and ones I will have for the rest of my life. Second Life brought a very sad and lonely Indian girl a husband. And it's looking very much like the real life people behind Ali and Arty are going to be tying the knot themselves one day soon, too.


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my my computewr will not let me video in sl without major lag. but here is me
SL is a platform for me to be able to continue making things that are beautiful. because I am denied that in real life due to medical conditions. One day I would love someone to create my designs in real life. When i build I feel less diabled and more poductive. if I can't build my dreams, I am lost and bored LOL. even though I don't interact in sl with others (I am a reclusive builder since my partner is no longe in sl) I still love donating items to people, good causes, teaching building to those that ask me and seeing what people do with my designs. especially seeing what they do! so much creativity in sl, I hope it never ends

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What would the Second Life exerience be without Second Life Music? Think about it! In SL my name is Mankind Tracer and I've been performing and been involved in many aspects of SL music and SL business since 2006. The SL residents from all over the world have been nothing short of genuine and generous to me for all this time. This is a video talking about what my SL music career means to me.  A little "Behind the SL Music" :-)

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What Second Life Means to Lapsus Weinstein

According to Freud's early psychoanalytic theory, a "lapsus" represents a bungled act that hides an unconscious desire: the phenomena can be traced back to incompletely suppressed psychical material ... pushed away by consciousness, and "weinstein " is the rest in a wine bottle when wine aint good anymore ...

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I've put my machinima on UTube. 

  This was my first machinima, made using the free trial version of Camtasia for Mac. Torley's tutorials on machinima were extremely helpful, as were the tutorials on the Camtasia site itself, although things didn't always work like they were supposed to.

I learned a lot making this amateur effort, and I hope to find the time to re-do the video with better footage, transitions, sub-titles, and music.... In the meantime, perhaps looking at my video will inspire someone else to do their own.

In spite of the complaint that "What Second Life Means to Me" videos are all showing 'rainbows and unicorns' I would like to see more machinima on UTube that are not about "look, I griefed those poor suckers" or "Life 2.0."  I would like Second Life to have the reputation of a place where you can create and dream, so that my little brother doesn't snicker when I try to tell him what I am doing here...

One suggestion to fellow noob machinamistas - use an anonymous avatar so that you won't have to contend with people dropping in while you are shooting.

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Second Life is wonderful place for excellent talent encounter.
Landscape, modeling, art and music of expression etc.
There make the impossible possible
I am so happy to have met you all.


RRK'N-R(ru ru ka na ru / ルルカナル)#1

"Do Boulders Dream of Electric Clockwork Orange?"


Second Life Artists were brought together.
Super Collaboration.

Ryo Sogame: Project Planning, Basic Sound Composition, Mix-down, Mastering
Kenta Takahashi: Sound Arrangements
Rulie Cisse: Pianoforte Improvisation Performance
Rira Quintessa's: Photographs in Second Life
Natsu Sosa: Screenplay, Visualization


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