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The “What Second Life Means to Me” Video Share Project

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Here's the short version, "What Secondlife means to me?" Secondlife unlocked a prison I'd been in for almost 30 years when a drunk driver hit us head on and paralized me for 3 days in 1978 my dancing, diving and gymnastics was over plus I feared my music was too.

A little longer version: 

In secondlife, I can dance again.  I can dive, do gymnastics (okay.. I can do only some gymnastics due to the animations issues and limitations of the secondlife grid itself, and most of the moves I've had to make myself).  I can fly graceful patterns and even wear the wings I've always felt were on my back, but never actually emerged in real life. 

 I can set down my kleenex, stop crying about what I've lost, and indulge in a new dimension of dance that is challenging, enjoyable and look ma... no sprains, blisters or bruises! 

 Through my dancing in secondlife, I can heal a wound inflicted on me 30 plus years ago


The unfinished longest text version full of the details and including images....


A victory dance in secondlife with explanations, one of my many dance videos I've created in secondlife with my own dance method. I also have a dance tutorial online: 


Inspired by this project, I may make a video collage crunchdown of the blog of how dancing in secondlife gave me back my sanity. I love secondlife, thank you for creating it!



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My name is Genie Weezles, and Second Life means the ability to meet and share with people all over the world. I am part of the Just Genealogy group in Second Life, where we have regular meetings, chats, and presentations on family history research, with and by professional genealogists.

 I helped found the first virtual chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists - the SL chapter APG, which continues to meet monthly at JustGenealogy - going into our 6th year, and winning the "Golden Chapter" award from the Association of Professional Genealogists. Our chapter gives people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to go to meetings due to distance, or other constraints (such as caretaking), the ability to be part of the professional organization.

JustGenealogy recently sponsored the Virtual Branch Party of the Global Family Reunion held in real-life NewYork City.  We streamed the 'live' event, and hosted lectures, chats, dancing and carnival fun all day, raising nearly 100,000 Lindens for charity - Alzheimer's research.  

All of our other genealogy in SecondLife meetings are an excellent way for people from all over to share their stories and information. It is a wonderful group!

I've met the most wonderful people, and best friends in SecondLife. And as an extra bonus, I met my real-life husband in SL five years ago.

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I think by watching the final scene of this video you will figure out why I've been around SL for almost ten years.


Your What SL means to me video will be live at:



BTW there is no copyrigh infrindgement because I own right to the background music.

Also expand your view to fullscreen. The video is high resolution.



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My video making skills are rudimentary and I'm not always inworld but here is my humble offering on what I find wonderful in SL. I have begun showing some of my art photography in Second Life thanks to some lovely gallery owners there.

I only recently returned to SL after a lengthy absence so my video is not as sentimental as some wonderful pieces I have seen here.

My blogs





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Well, I've now been in Second Life six years, and it fascinates me more than ever. I wasn't sure about doing this project, but several things came together, and I'm glad I've done it.

It seems appropriate that this should be ready for my 100th post on by blog, which centres on Second Life and virtual worlds.

This is my third video this year and the second in Second Life. I prefer to post in Vimeo to get higher quality and no adds - you can look me up at https://vimeo.com/tizzycanucci The embedded video below is linked to Youtube, and this is the


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1409 days.

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