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  1. Thank-you. Tilting it worked. A 19 degree tilting of the top towards the west, took off the, 1 hour and 20 mins of incorrectness. I've put it back to flat though, I think it looks better. Thanks for the great video too.
  2. In my garden i put a digital sundial invented and designed by Mojoptix at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1068443 It is not scripted in anyway. It works by the secondlife sun casting shadows through many very complex holes designed by Mojoptix. I did not set it for sale since I worry about rules. But it does look like he allows any use, even commercial use, as long as you give him credit. The free stl files are meant for 3d printing and using with the real world sun. But Blender converts them to dae fine and its shadows work in secondlife too. Although the time is wrong by about an hour
  3. Dreamed Pastel #742, Sep 7th 2009, "What Second Life Means to Me"
  4. Is there any store in secondlife selling a "large format printer". (for my secondlife home office decor) I'm not having any luck with marketplace searches. And the 15 office equipment / photography equipment stores inside secondlife I went to, don't seem to have one. Thankyou. [never mind, I made one]
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