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  1. Thank you for addressing this issue. For me it has been months and still haven't managed to fix it. I've cleaned all my lost and found folder - I needed a clean up anyway,. And the just relogged. Still the same shape that was missing , is still missing. I've done I don't know how many clean installs... it keeps happening. Well, even worse. I had never had teleport issues before; now , besides this failure to "find the shape" , that I actually bought yesterday, it only allows me to tp like twice without crashing. I had never had this problem before in SL. I'm really tired , just you gu
  2. Thank you Pris, after watching it a few times, wow I came out strong :matte-motes-bashful-cute: lol but yes, that's exactly what SL means to me: it actually has contributed to my real life and made me stronger as a human being, more confident, more creative. :heart:
  3. What a wonderful Idea!! 12 Years!! Here's my video, what Second Life means to me. Congratulations SL! Sea~~
  4. Hi Rusch, awesome to see you here One quick question: in your opinion, do you think that everybody has what it takes to be a career focused model in SL? Are there any partcilar features one should have to "survive" in the Fashion Industry and be active? Love from Sea**
  5. Depending on you are looking for, you also have Tableau Vivant, one of my favorite men's stores.
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