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  1. I was in IMVU on the Access pass council, or the APC. we were trying to get the adults some freedom. When IMVU screwed us all over, one of the APC members and My best friend Bliss, brought me over to SL, and I brought over other members, we have loved it ever since. thankfully we don't have top pay to TP anymore, and no more box heads or hair butts LOL. First and foremost, i am a builder.
  2. my my computewr will not let me video in sl without major lag. but here is me SL is a platform for me to be able to continue making things that are beautiful. because I am denied that in real life due to medical conditions. One day I would love someone to create my designs in real life. When i build I feel less diabled and more poductive. if I can't build my dreams, I am lost and bored LOL. even though I don't interact in sl with others (I am a reclusive builder since my partner is no longe in sl) I still love donating items to people, good causes, teaching building to those that ask me and se
  3. fix this. I have deleted the images from the 6 products you shown me, I go to my merchant area and find the an ENTIRE PAGE of my listinbgs has been DEACTIVATED. I have to go with the laggy option of hitting LIST on eacvh item. And I lsit them aty 100 per page! AND to make matters WORSE the 6 items you originally sent me the corrections on, AREN"T EVEN IN MY LISTINGS AT ALL, not even in inactive they are just COMPLETELY GONE> What did you do and what do you intend to do oon fixing this?
  4. I have the same problem. I had 6 listed items removed from the marketplace. I cannot activate them and I DID NOT put those pictures in them> They are from other peoples products completely! I did the changes like they said, but the items are still not showing in the marketplace and I cannot activate them. What fresh hell have they done now?
  5. quiet well run sim. 64x64m plots all waterfront. Color coded boxes. Commercial or residential. Respect is the main rule http://slurl.com/secondlife/Enchanted%20Madness/79/146/22
  6. it didn't help one bit doing that EDIT 4am and I finally got the darned thing! the Free Blender Collada fix addon (not for Blender 2.62!) found here works perfectly! http://blog.machinimatrix.org/avastar/mesh/ and I used it on the 2.62 no problems, because I couldn't install it on the other blender since there was NO WHERE to instlal it with. no user preferences tha could be clicked on
  7. is there a jira for Ll screwing the magic boxes over? because mine quit working, and now almost HALF of my invengtory is lsited as unavailable!
  8. if changing the language doesn;t help. make sure you are on the ground and not logged into the marketplace. Before I was logged in, and in my skybox, then I logged out, and tried it while still in my skybox, once I got to the ground and tried it again, it went through fine!
  9. looks like things cleared up, now buying issues LOL. My sales have been copmpleting now, and i dind't get a chance to reset the sim, unless my land manager did!
  10. all of them have been failed from me. And the reason I say decided to screw with something is because there is some new beta thing being tested, and until now I have not had any problems with failed deliveries. So this week alone, i have lost 6 sales. I'm thinking about just making a disclaimer in the product pages to either hit the inworld store, or buy now instead of carting items. With SLX this wasn't a problem.
  11. damn, just now, today I have had 3 mailers form the box saying sent, all partially failed deliverys. this is rediculous! I'm losing sales because of whatever they just decided to screw with!
  12. now that is very ODD. I did that yesterday, and all i got was MY OWN order history! for items I purchased. NOW I see a LOT of partially failed deliverys. How cna a delivery be partially failed??
  13. 11 years ago, my son was kidnapped from me. I found him on facebook, and he had just joined secondlife. it was in sl I was finally able to give him a hug after 11 years of not seeing him> This saturday, i will be able to hug him IRL as well!.
  14. I feel bad that a lot of the people who visit the sim won't be able to se the windlight settings, and have to run graphics on low> Sl is a huge resource hog, and I feel blessed that I can see windlight, because I remember back in the day about 3 years ago, I couldn't at all, and ran on low. it was like an entire new world the first time I got to be able to set graphics to high/ultra! But for those who can't see them, I did place a photo in the nformation skull LOL
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