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  1. I sold one of my slave for 40k few weeks back.
  2. My castle is very much active. We have trained and verified sex slaves and we exist for more then 6 years. Feel free to chat with us or ask anything you wish. Every slave besides gender verify is tested by one of Second life best Masters. Me as owner lady tests new male members who want to join. Its all about quality and not quantity. Providing verified female sex slaves since 2009
  3. Real friends real feelings, i care for each and everyone i hang out in in SL. This video is old but reflects how much i enjoy it. thank you Linden Lab
  4. where can i find pager that pages whole group? Not much on market just some online indicators. I need pager that pages whole group if my club is empty. EG. Ivana Hanni visiting club........ Must page the whole group. I seen it around second life but now i cant find it. Simple if club is empty it must page (lets say in green letters) that someone visits my club. Please if anyone knows should let me know here on inworld. Thank you
  5. Ivana Hanni

    A dog

    I am also thinking to have a dog to hold on leash and things. I am thinking someone with avatar like husky or wolf. NO animal sex thing real dog roleplay. I also want dog to talk smiles. kisses
  6. I am interested when you put it on and look lets say down. Do you see your avatar (body,legs...)
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