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Child support

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I have a flaming follower that I use on friends who "displease" me. It's a mobile version of my soul cleansing fireplace flame (which Rolig has experienced). It produces a calming golden flame until it catches its prey, upon which it blossoms into a violent blue/violet plume of fire. We had great fun one evening watching it try to catch a friend who was riding a tire swing. I have set it loose on visitors squatting in my SL home, as it is more patient than I am and is content to follow people around the sim until they grow weary of the attention. The script needs some improvement. It's a bit fiddly to deploy and I don't want to give it away until I'm not embarrassed by it. Remind me to work on it and you'll all be welcome to a copy when I'm satisfied that it works.

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Sure, I'll take the case.  I'm a virtual lawyer!  My rates are $L500 per billable hour.  :matte-motes-evil-invert:

EDIT:  @ KarenMichelle...I am not either sleazy!  And I was never there, and the fingerprints were inconclusive and so was the blood test.  So there!

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