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  1. Issue with that is it is a seperate asset. Mono scripts share resources from an original compile.
  2. Best way would be to use a rezzer HUD that holds the object modules in the contents and rezzs a copy. If you mean a railway track type thing then you can use a skeletal structure that is invisable for location. llRemoteLoadScriptPin i find rather klunky. And when tested i found it somewhat erratic depending on sim load.
  3. Ma, be blessed. A bee and a flower are the beauty of creation. Simple, but also vastly complicated in the the structure of life.
  4. Think you are attacking the the wrong person. I gave a very precise solution and an a empathic response to the OP. The other just was plain rude and abusive. This conversation is ended.
  5. Ma i would rather walk than belittle some one.
  6. Yes you did. He clearly stated he new very little and asked for a very minor alteration when he could not understand the wiki. You then decided to be be know all of everything and smashed the poor man down. FYI a fifty year old learning new things like code is not easy. An by his response you got the mans back up.
  7. The script is not an animation. Secondly the sync is subjective to how fast the others BB is and how far away from the server in RL.
  8. So server catch up is beyond your comprehension? Okay, whatever.
  9. No, that script is alowing the server to catch up. Clearly it is you that does not understand.
  10. Okay, I guess all functions with with time penalties are 'bad practice' as well. Lost me me on that logic.
  11. Sorry? Are you not alowed to stall the script in the timer event?
  12. If you do not know it is about as helpful as a poke in the eye.
  13. Or maybe you could simply explain what is what rather than be an ankle hacker? You have no idea what the OP is doing or their level of understanding. Your final comment is based on your opinion. This forum is what it states on the tin, not a put down forum.
  14. Or a case that i am translating from my language into English. Sorry to burst your bubble but the whole world is not English. Not by a long chalk.
  15. LL already have their library code registered as solely owned by LR. As for SL ToS it contradicts it self and basically results in we can do what ever and when ever for no reason what so ever.
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