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  1. LL does, it is called land settings. It maybe that where you are the parcel/land is set to a group in which case you would have to deed the object to the group in the object perms. And BTW once you deed it, it is no longer yours.
  2. You should also add ' if (llDetectedType(0) & AGENT) ' so the event only runs the branch code if an agent.
  3. That LSL wiki example will push any agent that the collision event detects. But if the parcel/land is set to no push it will only work for the parcel/land owner. You need to see what the parcel/land settings are.
  4. This threads problems have not been sorted out by the OP. Another problem on top is Titanic time.
  5. Just make it non copy and die on detatch. That way it will not be in the agents inventory. But why would somene go to the effort of getting it off the MP for that to happen?
  6. Two ways either a non copy item or llRemoveInventory( ); Though reading that again i am not sure if you mean delete the HUD.
  7. Well not to be a party pooper but you need to write your own work. Using others just instilles all their poorly coded work. Which they probably kludged together using others poorly coded work. When i started i did the same and then decided to start with clean slate.
  8. The prime part of your script is list manipulation. Lists are fundimental in many scripts. From object givers, yours, rezzers etc. The scanner data in this script is a data gatherer. If you kludge someone elses scripts you will never get anywhere because you are just hammering code with no understanding.
  9. The strided list will contain paired information you need. The second is the agents name. That information if for you because it is user freindly and is used for the menu button. The first is the key of that agent which the script function needs. You need to read this http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Category:LSL_List Before you can do anyting you need to sort the list part out. Once that is correct then using the information can be delt with.
  10. I gave you advice. You do not need two lists. A strided list will do. < UUID, Name >
  11. Well for one thing you do not need two lists for key and name. You use a strided list.
  12. changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_LINK)//when a link change is detected do the code { key agent = llAvatarOnLinkSitTarget(1); if (agent) { } }//because of this you have invalidated the following as it is not in the CHNGED_LINK cade branch else if (llAvatarOnLinkSitTarget(2) { } else { } }
  13. Well the script reason was given but the issue was land, not script. At the end of the day it is resolved.
  14. So nothing to do with your post? Okay.
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