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  1. Ill be your Hubby but i kinda want to get to know you first lool
  2. Im still pretty New to this Whole Forum thing ... so i dont know if its in the right Section. But Anyway Im a Gay/Drag queen Looking for a Roleplay family. i Want a Husband. and a Kid and a house and live happily ever after as we all frolick in a Field Lol .contact me if interested in starting a family I Would love to start kinda from scratch go on a couple dates. not go straightt into it. hehe thankiess :)). and im looking for a Man Lol. who thinks he can handle a cross dressing diva ;)
  3. Waveyjustin

    Child support

    So i met this guy yesturday he got me prego im Due in 8 days i think i seen the babys exray and im prego. so we just broke up. cause all he wanted was the thing under my underware lol. is their a way i can Sue him for Child Support or Something Help please ? is their a place i go or something ?
  4. So im bi/cross-dresser on SL (im a guy) and i met this guy. and we just Did it the first day. So we Did it for qute a while and a popup came up, and said he impreganted me. and ill have his baby in 9 days ... lol . is it a Joke? i changed my outfit and will my belly Still bump ? im kinda scared. lol he said he will never leave me. is my Male/cross dresser avi really about to have a baby i 9 days. even tho i changed my outfit. Please HELP!!
  5. Hiya You Can Buy AOs In Shops All Around SL.. Or The MarketPlace Are you looking for a Specific Brand Of Anamations? -JF
  6. Hii eveyone Im WaveyJustin.. Known as JustinFox this is my Friest Question I Ever Asked So Nw to this i guess Hehe. So My Name Is Waveyjustin Ik its not a big deal but i would rather have the J Upper Case. WaveyJustin. knowing I made the Account Before 2010 i would like it to have the Last Name :P but in a UpperCase Letter Please help :)..
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