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I doubt it has changed since I last did the major inventory thing (I've learned to move things to folders that make sense to me as I collect them.......major inventory organization can be a time comsuming pain in the you know what).  Use [shift] click to select multiple items (just like everything else computer)........you can select up to 41 items to move at once.

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can use Cut/Paste

select the ones to move by use Ctrl+leftmouse or Shift+leftmouse for blocks in same folder

Ctrl+ work across folders. so can select items inside two or more folders. can select multiple folders as well at diff levels

if items are Copy then use Copy/Paste then Delete. is safer


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**bleep** if only done the first time so you get from the first selected item down till you click the last item

When going into another folder to select mnore items, or when skipping items in the same folder, hold ctrl and click the desired item and they get added to it

Shift = bulk
Ctrl = single

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I have a question about the search part of your post. I'm wondering if the viewer you're using has an effect on that? When I search my inventory, it searches ALL folders, including received items folder. I'm using Firestorm. Are you using a different viewer by chance?

Maybe someone else can confirm or deny that.

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Amethyst Jetaime wrote:

Just experimented with Firestorm in world.  If you have your preferences set to have the received folder in  your regular inventory, Search will search it too.  If you have it set up in the separate window below your inventory it doesn't.


Oh, good to know, thank you. I never really paid attention to being able to have them separate, lol. I have them in the same window, just easier for me.


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sorting inventory was always one thing that i hated most i think..


when i first got here i was a freebie nutcase..omg you mean all this stuff is for free? i'm gettin me some free!! 

out of my way boys!! you might get hurt from my sharp nails flaying around at all this FREE!!!

If only i had known what was about to happen..

about two days of grabbin free stuff..


then came time to look at all this great stuff i got..FOR FREE!! \o/

looking.....looking......still looking....Oo....

Hey? where is that worlds largest flying  pancake i got yesterday?!!

i coulda swore i had an anvil drop too!!

omg!! look at this mess!!


it was easy to see..i was gonna have to make up some sort of filing system right away..



the easiest way i found to sort when things got out of control in there was to open about 4 inventory windows putting my main window to the far left..

i call it the from hell window..

the next one is my recent items window..

and the next one is for main directories i've made already..

the farthest window is for new directories or sub directories..


it still gets messed up at times when i neglect it hehehe


but mostly now i just have one folder that everything goes into when i shop..new stuff!! hehehe


so now i only have to open two windows..

the one with my new stuff folder and the one where i will be putting it..

any time i buy an item..i right away go to recent items and drop it in my new stuff folder..

this way i can shop for days and sort when i have time..


i'll put things in main directories like this..

clothes fora main.

boots for a main

hair for a main


then i'll make a sub directorie for each  called style or type..

like for boots..


thigh high

half calve


thing in those i have the sub sub directorie which is the brand name or designer..

the same for the other main directories..


but when i get lazy which happens a lot...hehehe

i'll just find the day that i shopped or get close to it and open recent items and use fliter up to that day..


anything not in a main directory folder will show up outside of them and  i'll shift click and grab those brands  and put it in the new stuff folder to be sorted..

one thing LL should add in the signing up process for all members..some sort of warning about getting a system together for their inventory..because it doesn't take long for it to get haymwire in that hell hole of a bottomless pit of evil..


i haven't looked at mine in about 9 to 10 months..i think this is the longest i have been away from it..

i just know there is a mess i left in there..and it's gonna be crazy to find...because i didn't put stuff in my new folder back when i took my break..

it's gonna be hell!!!







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Sephina Frostbite wrote:

I have the SL viewer. Firestorm doesn't work for me. It never loads my avi an to be honest I have been playing to sl viewer for so long I am intimidated with all those buttons. Silly I know.

Not silly at all. Everyone has their preferences. I have the opposite problem, the sl viewers don't treat me very nicely, lol.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4016 days.

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