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  1. Thanks for bumping the ancient thread for it to be on the front page when looking at the forums again in years. No excuses how I answerd friscolives and all replies, real life with health went down the toilet along with alot of anger, frustration and problems just befor I took an hiatus from sl and avoid the forums at all costs when coming back on and off. Yes, removed the replies as reading them was beyond embarrassing :smileyembarrassed: My apologies friscolives.
  2. Would just be bold and try to hook up with an AEG manager (Ambrosia) to maybe get in touch with their dj`s as they have quite a few employed
  3. Shouldn`t be to hard. Have a media changer prim on parcels grid wide that apon rezzing registers to a database. Have the main script at your place send a command out to the external page/database that in turn forwards the new url to the media prims using http_in for each registerd copy. Tada, grid wide media changer :matte-motes-nerdy:
  4. Point of view, same **bleep** with every century, we can play that game back till the stone ages... Why don`t you start putting some detailed facts if you insist of posting? actually, nevermind, POV circle or just general lazyness and want to appear smart. You know what, we`re all saints in POV of *some* others, go argue with Orca about Mandela`s spotless history, f` this all and this place...
  5. I`d been suprised if they weren`t spying, if you can call it spying when invited...
  6. Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: Alicia Sautereau wrote: Regarding our own past, there is quite a few bits "missing" from our history in the books, the dutch were 100 times worse back in the area of dinkytoy sailer ships. Again, some perspective. Although The Netherlands were the last European country to officially end slavery (or one of the last at least), you need to look through 16th-19th century eyes. Appalling as it was, you can't compare this to a second half 20th century situation where racial segregation becomes part of a country's law. You`re making as much sense as a duck, like I said, we were worse. Can`t I even trash my own country in peace? sheesh... RudolphFarquhar wrote: Do you live in that part of The Netherlands that is actually Holland, Alicia? Yup so it`s Holland.
  7. In Holland we call the country Holland and as it`s our country we can call it anything we want, personally when using it as a joke I just call it europe`s deepest sinkhole Regarding our own past, there is quite a few bits "missing" from our history in the books, the dutch were 100 times worse back in the area of dinkytoy sailer ships. Ofcourse the English were on par with us, they just went to china aswell and got richer then us ^^ That map with N. America as S. America was quite a lol
  8. You made a marvelous job of digging your own grave Orca. Glad I didn`t have any time to lend a hand as I would have only messed it up. Cheers, awsome job! When you`re on the board of directors, financial institution or terrorist organizations like say, ANC? you do not go "lalalalalala" when your fellow board members decide to "whipe" some depts "clean" or kill a few people, pointing a fingure "but, it was their fault!" and claim you are innocent. It that flies, half of europe would take up arms and become "freedom fighters", as we have no real armies, we would win and get away with murder aswell... Hmm... "NO MORE TAXES! NO MORE TAXES! "NO MORE TA..." *fail*, was worth a try... Oh, almost forgot befor you claim I`m still lying and spreading pure evil incase he didn`t held high ranking positions: http://www.anc.org.za/list_by.php?by=Nelson%20Mandela Yes, they have a website, who would have thought! Just no hit counter, weird. Damnit, why did it quote you Dresden grr... ps; I`m sorry Rudolph, but I`m starting to like you :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: pss; Will say it again as it still hasn`t gone through your thick skull, I AM NOT AN AMERICAN! I sit in a comfy chair in Holland and when not sitting on my arse replying to stupid posts I work 12 hours a day, still don`t know why..., in *drumroll******* HOLLAND!
  9. Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: Alicia Sautereau wrote: Respect, some. Fact remains he was a terrorist and had people killed. Does he deserve all this world media attention who tell only part of the story? not in my opinion... They should add his history from befor being thrown in jail to complete the picture. You might want to elaborate a bit rather than blurt out random comments or accusations. Classifying Mandela as terrorist is something that's very hard to swallow for one, but even harder to back up. That is unless Spartacus, the founding fathers of America, Lenin or Ataturk to name a couple were terrorists. Maybe the French revolution was a terrorist act? The Indonesians or any other former colonies trying to break free from centuries of oppression? French (or any other) resistance in WWII? That's not terrorism, that's balancing the scales. If everyone could do that the way Mandela did, we would live in a much brighter, happier world. RIP I`ll just post one link and be done with it: http://investigations.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/12/07/21794290-us-government-considered-nelson-mandela-a-terrorist-until-2008 "Until five years ago, however, the U.S. officially considered Mandela a terrorist. During the Cold War, both the State and Defense departments dubbed Mandela’s political party, the African National Congress, a terrorist group, and Mandela’s name remained on the U.S. terrorism watch list till 2008" Not the link I wanted to post, but it sums it up in a nice header even better... Won`t reply any further to this ignorance hail mary political bs saint crap.
  10. IvanBenjammin wrote: I think its pretty appalling how this thread has been hijacked. I'm normally happy to debate economic doctrines and international politics, but not here. It's certainly not the place for personal attacks. The man died. You don't have to like or approve of him, but surely a little respect isn't asking too much? Respect, some. Fact remains he was a terrorist and had people killed. Does he deserve all this world media attention who tell only part of the story? not in my opinion... They should add his history from befor being thrown in jail to complete the picture.
  11. Orca Flotta wrote: Oh, I'm quite sure I know more about American socialists than you know about European ones. That put aside if Rudy and Alicia based their whole chain of arguments on my person, and repeating the same lies about Mandela, I notice a kinda familiar strategy here. One I know from various GOP party leaders. But you're right, I didn't learn anything new about the USA since I'm in SL. After a couple of visits to the US and my daily dose of media consumption I guess I know enough to engage into a discussion with the inhabitants of that strange country. Unfortunately I'm not able to get your mindset and my laguage skills are rather basic, which makes me a loser ... lol, loser was another term I had to learn a new definition of after talking to Americans. So anyway, I was shooting off my mouth about Rudy mainly and Alicia partly, because I found their posts to be very mean spirited and yes, evil! And they were worded and spun in a way I only know from certain Americans of the unlikeable sort. I'm quite sure most Americans are decent people but as it always is, it's the most loud and radical aholes that make the greatest impression. So far Rudy and Alicia failed as representants of the USA, same as I failed as representant of ... oh what do I represent anyway? Just me i guess. Anyway, I failed. Doesn't matter: they tried to tarnish Mandela's reputation and I couldn't let that stand. Particularly since they attacked him for all the wrong reasons. You sure got your facts right about everything, I am not even from america ffs and just google about mandela`s history and open a few history books...
  12. If difference means ordering the death of hundreds then yup, he made a difference... From terrorist to politician to saint, what a f`ed up world we live in...
  13. No. Some creators will use their friends/customer base to report their competition and shut them down. Griefers will grief every one and shut them down.
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