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  1. You have to wonder sometimes how well they understand their own product.
  2. Second Life is part of the metaverse. Whatever the heck Zuckerberg is trying to launch as new and unique and fantastic... is also part of the metaverse. https://www.wired.com/story/what-is-the-metaverse/
  3. The business of defending out beloved continent of Sansara often calls for the wearing of hats - here's me in Jeogeot for the United Nations Jeogeot Observation Mission wearing my blue beret.
  4. You do realize that if you do not obscure the avatar key in that screenshot, everybody can see who that is, right? Just enter it in Google and you will see who is so naughty.
  5. Once, long ago, Lindens held in-world office hours where Residents could come and talk about the things which were part of that specific LL employees task. Often these turned into relaxed talks; it was not only a great way to communicate for the lab, but also a great way to meet people. I remember Blue Linden, whose office was an enormous office chair on an island somewhere north of Waterhead and east of Help Island Public. One night (for us Europeans, office hours were nightly) there was just me, and Blue, and a Russian man. How it came about I don't remember, but we ended up singing Katyusha together, the Russian somewhere in Russia and me in my home in the Netherlands, in voice (mind you: that must've been strange, my male voice coming out of my female avatar). I don't actually speak Russian but I know the words to that famous song: Rastsvitaly yabloni y grushy... something like that. That was such a strange and fantastic experience somehow... I have never forgotten it.
  6. Utilises un viewer Firestorm? C'est une problème connue, on peut trouver plus infos in Google avec "llrender/llvertexbuffer.cpp". Apparentement cette problème vient de l'avatar que tu as: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-28438? La solution selon moi est d'aller in Second Life avec le viewer officiel et de changer avatar. Je m'excuse pour mon francais mais j'espère que tu comprendras. Et on ne peut meme pas écrire une cédille ici!
  7. You cannot compare SL to Battlefield. These types of game do not, or hardly, allow user-generated content. This is an important difference, because their fixed sets of graphic elements are stored on your computer. This is impossible with SL, because the content you view keeps changing and new things keep being added. All of SL has to be reloaded from servers in San Fran to your computer God-knows-where, all the time.
  8. it strikes me as odd that someone with a "kinky" shop in Zindra would complain about someone elses "hobby". But anyway, a solution would be to move your shop up 500m or more, update your landmarks, and place a teleporter where your old landmark goes to. Lots of people have their shops up in the air for that reason. It reduces lag as well.
  9. I was wondering if it is possible for a vehicle to move forward while the controlling avatar is sitting sideways. That sounds odd but there are examples of such vehicles iRL, for example on reach trucks, forklifts made to maneuver in tight spaces. (I am not building a reach truck btw...) I suspect that vehicle movement is determined by the direction of the avatar center, especially since the standard followcam shows the avi from the back. But maybe there is a workaround for this?
  10. It includes everything. Even the kitchen sink.
  11. XbabylonX wrote: So when a manager of a shop tells you to piss off and such, you responding "Thank you very much" No, I wouldn't thank them. But I would leave them alone alright. So they are rude... no reason for me to get rude with them as well.
  12. Oh excuse me for having hurt your sensitivities by calling the thing these people do "crap", Your Higness. :matte-motes-not-even:
  13. Please don't give this kind of crap any attention in the Forum or the feeds. Griefers are best left to be forgotten. If this is going to be one of those threads where everyone joins in to cry over the "attack" on their virtual home, then these types have reached their goal. Because that is *all* they are interested in. If you people can all just shut up about these things, it will be like it never happened. And then there's no "win" for them.
  14. What statue are we talking about? Legally, that is an important question. If it was made 400 years ago, then probably there are no copyrights attached. But the amount of time needed for a piece of art to become free of copyright varies per country, and then there are lots of museums who retain reproduction rights of the art in their collection. Of course, there is such a thing as fan art. If I am crazy about for example Van Gogh, I can make a Sunflowers shirt for myself and wear it. But when I make one for you because you are such a big fan of Van Gogh, and you pay me for it, then I cross the line already, even if it's a one-off.
  15. I opened my V3 viewer, pressing CTRL-Shift-G to get the option for the test grid Aditi. After I chose Aditi from the drop-down menuI wanted to fill out my name. But I couldn't - the "t" prompted a menu unknown to me, the XUI PREVIEW TOOL. Obviously I clicked on nothing and closed it - after making a screenshot. Anyone got any ideas here?
  16. Having seen your website http://www.cavechaosshow.com/ I guess you may want to post this in the Adult forum as well.
  17. Turning Microsoft into the Law would mean that Microsoft then becomes Law. Please don't.
  18. Yes, exactly, and if you ask me, this can be reset to default. I have no idea how though.
  19. She said she has had this on an old and a new computer. Something tells me that there's a setting which needs to be set to default as well - a setting which has transferred from installation to installation. Do you have an idea about that as well?
  20. LOL I was too old for that s**t already when they started. I do have a CD single of Bubba Sparxxx though... /me hangs head in shame
  21. The worst parcels are full parcels, as this has no height limit.
  22. Everything you write about in public is a win for this person. They want to see how you react to things, they want to know that they have that power over you. That is all they are interested in. Anyway, "ICP for life"? As in "Insane Clown Posse"? Isn't that a weird band which was popular with 13 year olds, ten years ago or so? And you take that seriously? You have got to be kidding me.
  23. On the old forums the ignore button kept any posts written by the one ignored from being seen by the ignorer That's what I thought an ignore button would do. The system as it is now is based on a misconception about trolling: it is the public aspect of it which makes the troll tick. Never have I received any private message from a troll or a bully or whatever. So yes, I would prefer it the 'old' way.
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