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Show off your SL9B Fun!

Linden Lab



cato sl9b.JPG

SL9B Image by Caitlin Tobias taken at Magical Meeroo Cave II

There have been fabulous parties and events going on in celebration of Second Life's 9th birthday.  The fun is continuing!   If you have photos or videos of any of these celebrations, we would love to help you share them. 

Here are some ways you can let the community enjoy your SL9B images and videos:


  • Post your snapshots on my.secondlife.com. Helpful tips on how to take a snapshot inworld.
  • Use #SL9B on twitter to tag your SL9B related tweets
  • Add your pictures to the Offical Second Life Flickr group. Read the details there and don't forget to tag your image with "SL9B". We may feature your images as Pic of the Day or on our social media sites.
  • SL9B videos can be shared with us at video@lindenlab.com.  Please just send us the YouTube link. Your video might be shown on the website or our social media sites.  Fun!

Enjoy the rest of your SL9B community celebrations!!



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I go away for 2 days and you become famous!  Didn't realise I dragged you down so much ;-)

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