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Guest Games blogger: Oni Horan

Linden Lab



1. What is LOGOS-cards?

LOGOS-cards is a tradable card game within Second Life. In these kinds of games you put together decks of cards, which are then used to fight with a second player to see who created a better combination. The draw of the game is that it brings exciting, turn-based tactical fighting to wherever you go in the vast world of SL. Naturally, collecting and trading cards is a big part of the experience, and the game is varied enough to allow experimentation with countless of card decks. We have released a big update at the start of the year and plan to bring more content to the game early next year as well.

2. Do they cost money?

The game itself is sold for 299L in our stores, but members have access to free demo units which they can hand out to anyone they want, so if you just want to try, you only need to ask in our group. Cards can either be bought in our store, or earned by playing games and leveling up for free.

3. What is collectible about them? Are there rare cards that are difficult to get?

Some cards are rarer then others – the card distribution is completely random. I'd like to point out one thing that I personally found fascinating about doing this: I'm one of those people who never trusts random systems. You watch what happens and always come up with your own theories about elaborate mechanisms of why this isn't random at all, and really works completely different to screw you over. Only when people started to assume the exact same thing in our system I realized how easy it is to reach such conclusions, and ever since then I cast aside all conspiracy theories whatever I play myself. Random means some people get lucky, while others don't, that is all there is to it.
If gambles aren't your thing, some of our players run card shops, where you can directly purchase whatever card you want to have for your deck.

3. What is the rarest card of them all?

The rarest cards are on one hand the most powerful ones, but on the other hand they are so difficult to play that it is never a necessity to own them in order to be competitive. There's a few cards that are especially rare of course, two cards each for only me and Darien to hand out personally – however, we like and also the special promo card that we only gave to the first 100 people who purchased our game. A very popular rare card is the one we gave exclusively to our beta-testers. We try to limit these opportunities however, so collecting doesn't become too much of a bother.

4. How can someone get started if they want to play?

Go to our website. There you will find links to our stores in world, if you'd like to know more. The game is available on the marketplace and if you join our LOGOS-cards group you can ask for a free demo unit, which is a fully working copy of the game without the ability of making your own decks and ideal to learn the game.

I hope that covers all the basics, I'm sure I'll reference my development experiences with the game in future threads as well. For now I'll leave this here for whomever is interested.

Game on!

- Oni Horan
Oni Horan is a game designer from Austria, living in Europe, whose main project in Second Life is LOGOS-cards (www.logos-cards.com), developed together with Darien Caldwell and released last year. Oni has also worked on some as-yet unreleased games, and run a free puzzle-oriented quest-system on my roleplaying sim, which was also developed with Darien.


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... and the spam begins. I don't know why Linden Lab doesn't just sell Second Life to Facebook and have done with it. It's turning into a money driven band-wagon that's promoting commercial greed. Gone are the days of true community spirit. If you haven't any cash in your wallet, you can't enjoy the resources. Good luck everyone....

... exits stage left.


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@ triJin 

Did you even look at the game? Like in world or how it works? The demo is free. The game uses servers and a lot of out of world resources. Website utilities the whole nine yards. From a scripters POV its a work of art. Do they request money to play? Yes. Do I blame them? No. Do you know how much something like that takes to keep going? Running sims, and up keeping servers, updating and bug fixing. Its a VERY well done game, and your "oh you have to pay this all commercial greed" qq makes you look like a tool. Why not look into something before you go crying about how its corrupt.

Am I just some white knight fangirl for this game? Yes, and no. The people that know me in the community will tell you I'm just as vocal about its faults. Your points are MOOT sir.. If your going to be like that.. Just DON'T play.. No one is forcing you.

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Wow.  Does this mean that clubs can install sploders again?  Sploders were a pretty random way of winning a bunch of linden.  It was a way to RP being in a casino.

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Dresden Ceriano

i wasnt quoteing him word for word, just the over all vibe of his post. LL is doing this to games that stand out. NOT to people that pay for adds. They arnt spaming, or doing adds LL ASKED him to do this because they thought it was worth a mention. So your point is moot. CRY more. If all you can point out is "I mean, come on... if you're going to put quotation marks around something, make sure that it is actually something that's been said." then you fail because "" dont just saying exactly what they said, it could also mean i was speaking in there voice and making fun of them. So.. derp sir.. derp.... "But keep trying though, I'm sure someday you'll get it right."

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For what it's worth, when I was contacted about this "games in SL" event, I was under the impression it'd be about games in general and the process of building them, playing them, dealing with issues surrounding them, etc. Then I got my interview questions and... it was mostly surface-level marketing copy related inquiries. So, marketing copy is what I gave 'em.

This event's changed a few times since it was first pitched and I'm just as confused as to its intent as you are. Hopefully it'll spur some good discussion beyond just "Here is my game! Is it not neat?"

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"For what it's worth, when I was contacted about this "games in SL" event, I was under the impression it'd be about games in general and the process of building them, playing them, dealing with issues surrounding them, etc."

Seven, that sounds like it would have been a much more informative post.

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I was under the same impression, I also regret that this ended up being posted on the blog, because for such an audience there would have been a lot more interesting aspects to talk about, but ultimately there's still the event today on the forums and if you want to discuss games in general that is where you should go!

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