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  1. Goes to prove that either SL search sucks so much that the search term "RP" shows nothing relevant, or residents get so freakin lazy they would get others to do it for them. I think the search works very well but is way too unfriendly. LL need to make the visual of it as simple as possible. Take a leaf out of Google guys (hint hint). Oh and try Legacies 1891 for dark mature RP with demons... human and otherwise
  2. I'll stick to the Graveyard Bar... where I regularly "crack open a cold one". ^V^
  3. I was refering to Mass Suicide Cults. Although after watching John Wayne singing... I get ... this.... feeling..... to.... ARGH!
  4. *coughs*, sounds more like Heaven's Gate I'll stay in-world thank you very muchly.
  5. The OzMan cometh, bearing gifts, To seal the holes in the digital rifts, What one wonders, please explain, Why, in Second Life, there is no rain! A simple solution, OzMan explains, "In order to produce, your said rain", "Simply write to Santa, for he knows all, To see if the Lindens are on the ball". So, with parchment in hand and pen at the ready, My JIRA is sent, and my attention is steady. I know from the team, they are doing their best, For the Linden development, there is no rest. The OzMan and crew will be hearty next year, For all the resolutions will be full of cheer. We will enjoy
  6. "Give a man a fish and he won't starve for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he won't starve for his entire life."
  7. <Old Man Yorkshire Accent>'o back when I were a lad, we 'ad to sit on us behinds for all ov an hour... jus' fer L$2. You tykes never know 'ow gud ya 'av it now.</Old Man Yorkshire Accent> jk
  8. I would personally recommend Casper Warden's system. Very low lag, less scripts and a very friendly person too. Although, a better option would be if Linden Lab actually made a rental system built into the region and viewer, allowing parcel control, privacy, etc. Thus peace of mind about having all your records and historical data on the prime source of where your income is - in Second Life. Ah, but I can dream can't I... this is the land of fantasy.
  9. As I replied to your other posts in the Wanted boards etc. You need to be careful of the IP rights and logos. See here for listing guidelines if you are unsure: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines#branding-guidelines As for the artwork and build, it looks great. You just need to explain that it's just a media viewer serving a web page and not the actual OS itself. Else you will get a lot of angry people demanding refunds.
  10. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines#branding-guidelines
  11. Actually, it's a Media On A Prim viewer using http://www.silveos.com/ Basically viewing web pages on a prim using media settings. The logo I was refering to was the DELL logo on the back of the laptop. I would draw your attention to: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines#branding-guidelines Look in the Branding Guidelines there.
  12. You probably want to remove those IP logos. You also need to clarify how it works as a lot of people will think it actually works like an OS. Show screenshots of each of the mini apps. Other than that, good luck with the project.
  13. I would urge you to try a demo version of any Speech applications first. As the SL client, although it may look like normal input box, acts slightly different. Not forgetting that Windows 7 has a built in speech system which may help costs. Some Speech-to-text software simply tells the keyboard to "press a key" when spoken, this works well. However, navigating around the sub-windows within the SL client can be a game and a half in this mode. Text-to-Speech is also difficult as there are no standard Windows/Mac sub-windows in the SL client display, and (I believe) the input windows are not ma
  14. It would help if you could write up your qualifications. Time era expected, IC skills, etc. There are many RP sims that use police... some modern urban, some medieval, some fantasy. Narrow it down for people to help you.
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