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  1. @ Dresden Ceriano i wasnt quoteing him word for word, just the over all vibe of his post. LL is doing this to games that stand out. NOT to people that pay for adds. They arnt spaming, or doing adds LL ASKED him to do this because they thought it was worth a mention. So your point is moot. CRY more. If all you can point out is "I mean, come on... if you're going to put quotation marks around something, make sure that it is actually something that's been said." then you fail because "" dont just saying exactly what they said, it could also mean i was speaking in there voice and making fun of them. So.. derp sir.. derp.... "But keep trying though, I'm sure someday you'll get it right."
  2. @ triJin Did you even look at the game? Like in world or how it works? The demo is free. The game uses servers and a lot of out of world resources. Website utilities the whole nine yards. From a scripters POV its a work of art. Do they request money to play? Yes. Do I blame them? No. Do you know how much something like that takes to keep going? Running sims, and up keeping servers, updating and bug fixing. Its a VERY well done game, and your "oh you have to pay this all commercial greed" qq makes you look like a tool. Why not look into something before you go crying about how its corrupt. Am I just some white knight fangirl for this game? Yes, and no. The people that know me in the community will tell you I'm just as vocal about its faults. Your points are MOOT sir.. If your going to be like that.. Just DON'T play.. No one is forcing you.
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