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Guest Games blogger: Loki Eliot

Linden Lab


1. What inspired you to create Escapades and the Secret Underground Base?
It's a combination of reasons, starting with my interest in rebuilding childhood games and adventure. Before Escapades was Goony Island homestead, where me and my SL friends role-played and made up fun games. Escapades was a grander vision in exploring the idea of experience design. I am a creative person with interests in all things creative from video, gaming, illustration, comics, design, music, model-making. Second Life is one of the few places I can apply all those skills and Escapades is the canvas in which to paint with all those skills. Along with me there are friends who also live on the island and create and help keep the island going.

The Underground Base game was a sort-of test. For a while now I have been wanting to create games in SL and perhaps find a way to generate revenue from such games to help with the Tier costs. The Story of the Underground Base is in fact from an ongoing Role Play story on the Island between the resident Gang of misfits and an evil Lizard pirate called the Grand Master. The game was created for them to play and after I modified the game for anyone to play. What I would like is for Escapades to prove that a good story-driven experience can be made in SL.

2. Got any favorite books or movies from which you draw inspiration?

Too many to list here. I'm a full blown geek of the Spielberg era. I was brought up on classic 80's kids films such as ET, the Goonies, Labyrinth and Star Wars. Ask anyone on Escapades and they'll say “Goonies never say DIE!" – for the Goonies was a major influence for the friendship and adventures I’ve produced. But my inspiration comes from many many different sources. I have a great fondness for old folk tales as well as old traditions from my country, which I repackage and sneak into Second Life, such as the Great Burning Barrel race of New Babbage. We have held the Barrel Race five times now and it's loosely based on a real event in the south west of England.

3. What sims and games do you like to play inworld?

I don't actually get out much with regard to the rest of the Grid. Me and my island gang go on adventures to explore new places every first Friday of the month and we have come across some good mini games, but I find that actual interactive places with a story to tell and a task to complete is rare. We went recently to a Norse themed location called Folkvang which had a wonderful simple Chest Hunting quest “Frajas Quest,” it really added to the fun and we felt like we had accomplished something. When you say “PLAY” though, it could mean any number of things. The Steampunk Town of New Babbage is a second home for me and every autumn i return there to set up a role-play story that can last over three months. People there are proper role-players and within the great smoggy atmosphere it is so easy to start roleplaying.

Visit the Secret Underground Base inworld here.


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