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Welcome to the Second Life Blogger Network! SLBN is a curated showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers (and vloggers) in our community. 

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Huckleberry Hax - 9.jpg

"I was invited earlier in the year by Marina Münter to take part in the fifth and final round of GBTH x Rachel Breaker: GBTH x Rachel Breaker EPILOGUE. As with the previous rounds (I also participated in two of these), this is a collective exhibition of figurines, each assembled from pre-fabricated pieces made by Rachel Breaker and sent out to participants in kit form. There are a number of restrictions imposed on this process, such as the pieces being no copy, but participants are free (and encouraged) to retexture pieces however they see fit. This time, it being the final round, the kits were much bigger than usual and comprised the pieces from all previous rounds. The prompt given to participants was: How are you, now that it is over?" Read more on the blog.

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Inara Pey - 20.jpg

"October 2023 sees artist and builder Cica Ghost presents something a little different for Second Life users to enjoy. In Cica’s Workshop we find not a new fantastical landscape or garden or alien world or other setting where our imaginations might go wandering through thoughts of faerie and folk tales or memories of childhood or other such avenues. Instead, it sits as a kind of living gallery, a celebration of many of Cica’s creations down the years, and a place where if we’re so-minded we can pick up copies of her work either directly or via convenient links to her Marketplace listings." Read more on the blog.

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The Lighthouse

"Magical SL Reflections is exactly what it sounds like -- a Flickr group devoted to pictures of reflections in Second Life. Over 1000 members strong, there are lots of people gazing into the water and boats' rippled reflections. Some are truly magical, like this one from Ice Rock called “The Lighthouse.” The moon is spectacular and its reflection even more so. The way the lighthouse flashes completely captured me. This is what I was looking for." Read more on the blog.

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JudiLyann at Motown - Sept 2023

"JudiLynn is perhaps best known is Second Life for her vibrant and richly layered abstract art, produced both through “wet” painting and digital means, and which might be most accurately described as intuitive art. By this I mean that rather than being based on an specific premeditated design or idea, these are pieces that are defined through the artistic process itself; the loop between mood, colour, texture and imagination all combining with what is already on the canvas or screen to inform what should come next. allow each piece to grow entirely organically to a finished state." Read more on the blog.

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Inara Pey - 17.jpg

"Raven’s primary gallery space is located with her own region of Clandestine, which is also dedicated to the Digital Arts Gallery, a collective of SL artists and bloggers. Thus, Raven’s gallery can either be reached directly or via the teleport area available at the DAG event space, which also provides access to other galleries and locations within the region" Read more on the blog.

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"The collaboration between GBTH and Rachel Breaker took inspiration from urban interventions, toy art, collectibles, and exhibitions like the Cow Parade and the Berlin Buddy Bears. The exhibition aims to simulate a collective urban intervention using Second Life resources. Since the first round in January 2019, we have aimed to promote collectivity by encouraging residents with diverse skill sets to develop something together and explore new possibilities. Anyone with the necessary basic building skills and UV map knowledge can participate without any fee, and once the exhibition opens, all figurines will be available for purchase. The profit from each sale will be split equally among the artist, Rachel, and GBTH through a script (Casper Vendor)." Read more on the blog.

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Diomita Maurer’s Blog - 7.jpg

"Owl Dragonash invited me to visit the newest exhibition at the NovaOwl Community Center named “Do You Believe?”. The exhibition is by Ninae Trallis und consists of about 20 pictures, but there’s more. Ninae added further 3D objects to decorate the exhibition space fitting to the pictures presented. Owl sent me a folder with a description written by Ninae Trallis and a poster." Read more on the blog.

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Through Owl's Eye - 10.jpg

"Art in Second Life offers a unique platform for creative people to express their individual originality. A captivating digital space that mixes the boundaries between actuality and fantasy, making it a thrilling spot for art lovers.

In this blog post, we delve into the mesmerizing exhibit of “Memento Vivere” by Selen Minotaur. This intriguing installation captures viewers with its intricate blend of changing images and 3D objects, all employed with a dark and light pop art sensibility."

Read more on the blog.

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Tara Aers - 6.png

"Girasol:"In this exhibit I share with you two ways that express who I am. The first series is based on phrases from two of my favorite poets: Jaime Sabines, Mexico and Mario Benedetti, Uruguay and inome photo a self-portrait poem written by me.
The Mannequin series is self-expression of my own evolving process in which I recognize parts of me that feel separated. The need to look at them, heals and get them back together as a whole will become who I reall am.
A soul, like just anyone, living a human experience to remember who is it."" 

Read more on the blog.

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GBTH - 4.png

"For the first time at the GBTH is Grant Valeska - a man who probably needs no introduction. In his 13 years on the platform, he has become one of Second Life's most well-known stylists and photographers, never ceasing to evolve and transform his practice. In the interview below, we discuss his upcoming exhibition, his creative process, and what continues to drive him forward." Read more on the blog.

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