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A showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers in the community. Are you a blogger that wants to join the Second Life Blogger Network (SLBN)? Fill out the submission form today! https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/2627-introducing-the-second-life-blogger-network"

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Strawberry Linden

Kurimu Kuma - 3.png

"I tried my hand at making something semi abandoned and forgotten, not just by most people but also even by the sun. The vegetation has grown around it that even the sun struggles to get through and all you get is dappled sunlight. I wanted it to also feel like it had been decorated inside as a mini getaway for one person who didn’t forget." Read more on the blog.

Strawberry Linden

Kurimu Kuma : Grave Night

Home & Garden

Kurimu Kuma - 2.png

"Generally I’m not the best with landscaping, at least I don’t think I am. However, I was still really happy with the way this set came out. I wanted something that looked like a scary halloween set for taking pictures in and I believe I got that. My bar wasn’t set high at all. It was set pretty low so the ending made me feel quite happy indeed." Read more on the blog.

Strawberry Linden

Kellytopaz - 2.jpg

"Ok..so that actually isn't the name of the build.....and I started out with a much different scene....soon the house was suffocating with all the clutter...so took all the "stuff" away, and here we are with simple...it becomes quiet without all the noise around it....seems that works for a lot of things in life, not just decorating..." Read more on Flickr.

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