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Welcome to the Second Life Blogger Network! SLBN is a curated showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers (and vloggers) in our community. 

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Inara Pey - 25.jpg

"Second Life is about to undergo something of a revolution in terms of the viewer’s rendering capabilities and – in the future – other capabilities as well as, after around than two year’s worth of development and testing, Linden Lab has deployed physically based rendering (PBR) into Second Life as part of an on-going project to overhaul rendering and other capabilities within the platform, with a focus on adopting as much of the Khronos® glTF™ ¹ 2.0(+) specification as can reasonably be achieved." Read more on the blog

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"This is the penultimate video in my land tutorial series which is designed to give all the knowledge required to become a Second life virtual land expert! This is an extra special episode as I have an exclusive offer to share with you, the details of which are revealed in the tutorial.  I hope you enjoy watching and learn something that you didnt know before." Watch the video on YouTube

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"In today's video, I'll be walking you through the process of creating your own personalized Teleport hud that you will add your own Second Life landmarks. You can make them for your favorite stores, your favorite clubs, the groups you’re a member of. The possibilities are endless.
*Make sure to watch to the very end for a Bonus treat!"

Watch the video on YouTube

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"I was in Second life for many years before I was fully made aware of what the virtual land of second life consisted of and how to go about owning it. With this knowledge at my fingertips I have compiled a quick start guide tutorial on these subjects ensuring you learn these concepts in mere minutes and not years!  If you have any questions, kindly post them in the comments section of my vlog, and I'll do my utmost to provide you with answers." Watch the video on YouTube.

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"When you'd love to change the ground texture where you live, but can't because you don't have land rights.  JVTEK allows you to live the way you want. Creating sculpties was never so easy.  In today's video, I show how easy it is to allow you some creativity where you spend most of your time in Second Life!" Watch the video on YouTube.

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Inara Pey - 15.jpg

"On Monday, June 26th, Linden Lab issued the Inventory Extensions project viewer, offering two new inventory features intended to make browsing inventory and inventory folders and ascertaining what they / their contents are a lot easier. An official blog post accompanied the new viewer, and this post is intended to offer a little meat an bones on that post for the curious." Read more on the blog.

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New World Notes - 10.jpg

"LSL LinksetData is a relatively new addition to Second Life scripting that veteran devs say can powerfully transform interactive experiences in Second Life. To illustrate how, longtime scripter Grace Ling, creator of the popular roleplay app, Really Needy HUD, explains how it's used in her roleplay system -- and how it can be used in a location-finding game." Read more on the blog for her tutorial.

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