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Huckleberry Hax : How are you, now that it is over?

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"I was invited earlier in the year by Marina Münter to take part in the fifth and final round of GBTH x Rachel Breaker: GBTH x Rachel Breaker EPILOGUE. As with the previous rounds (I also participated in two of these), this is a collective exhibition of figurines, each assembled from pre-fabricated pieces made by Rachel Breaker and sent out to participants in kit form. There are a number of restrictions imposed on this process, such as the pieces being no copy, but participants are free (and encouraged) to retexture pieces however they see fit. This time, it being the final round, the kits were much bigger than usual and comprised the pieces from all previous rounds. The prompt given to participants was: How are you, now that it is over?" Read more on the blog.


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