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Welcome to the Second Life Blogger Network! SLBN is a curated showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers (and vloggers) in our community. 

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"I looked up “serendipity” on Wikipedia, just in case I was wrong but in fact the definition reads as per screenshot below:


And that’s what Second Life (to me at least) has in common with my other big love (not counting wife, son, dog), which is of course literature: the fact that both activities/offerings are essentially a form of unplanned fortunate discovery."

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"After a bit of soul-searching (ok let’s be honest: it lasted 3 minutes) I decided I must continue what I had been doing for the past almost 18 years: building an audio/visual mosaic, a repository of histories, a library of very personal stories, advocacy documentary if you will, focusing on the people behind the avatars who built and are STILL building this vast virtual universe we call Second Life." Read more on the blog

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I Love Events - 9.jpg

"In the vast and ever-evolving world of virtual reality, few have managed to capture the essence and heart of Second Life as vividly as Draxtor Despres. A professional video maker with a keen eye for storytelling, Draxtor has been chronicling the lives and experiences within Second Life for years. His work is not just a mere documentation of virtual existence; it is a sympathetic and professional portrayal of the real human connections and communities that flourish within this digital space." Read more on the blog.

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"10 years of LL sponsored work has come to an end and I want to thank Brett, Strawberry & Ebbe (RIP) for embracing my very subjective way of telling stories from the SL grid ...
(before you start reading please note: I will be livestreaming at 10am SLT on Saturday 3/16 and I will take questions from YouTube. I will also be asking for your support in going forward as a producer of human/furry/tiny/etc interest stories from Second Life. Please do join me!)" Read more on the blog

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Sasy Scarborough - 1.jpg

"Whether it’s to follow bloggers or just to see what their favorite stores have been up to, users might be checking on their own daily, or they might be directed by links in a notice in-world or on other social media platforms. This information concerns all users, including bloggers, stores, events, photographers, and everything else. If you take a picture of something Second Life-related and add it to Flickr, this may apply to you." Read more on the blog

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Draxtor - 2.jpg

"Sometimes I feel I am like the Rolling Stones, who arguably have written just ONE SONG but it is such a good one that they keep “rewriting” it. I am not saying my Second Life mini documentaries are as good as the oeuvre of the Stones, however when viewed in a binging type manner, a certain subtext, or as my wife puts it, a TEXT, becomes apparent: Age does not matter in Second Life, mainly because the avatar frees us from our earth/time-bound body and liberates not only ourselves as individuals but the interaction between us and others." Read more on the blog

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I Love Events - 3.png

"With the advent of the update to Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials in Second Life, content creators are presented with a unique opportunity to elevate the quality of their creations. In this article, we will explore two innovative HUDs designed to texture objects in Second Life, allowing creators to offer an advanced texturing experience to their customers." Read more on the blog

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New World Notes - 3.png

"Linden Lab continues rolling out closed Alpha invites of its upcoming iOS/Android app for Second Life to Premium+ subscribers (see "Mobile Update" here). And by the looks of it, continues improving the app itself. Here's a new update and screenies courtesy longtime SLer TavishBrock Resident of the Rosehaven Estates, who gave us an early hands-on preview last month." Read more on the blog.

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No time for real life - 2.jpg

"The delicate pale pink Japanese cherry blossom petals have for thousands of years symbolized spiritual rebirth when they fall each year. Pink was all over in 2023 from Christmas Trees, decor, and even Santa in a pink coat. 

Why Pink? 
Pink just makes you think of warm Spring days and childhood innocence and it is not just for girls anymore, in fact, it was considered a masculine color before it was turned into the "pink is for girls" thing."

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Huckleberry Hax - 1.jpg

"Thus, 2023 is nearly over. A year of AI, global conflict, global warming, cost-of-living crisis, crashing crypto, exploding rockets, and populist politics. Will 2024 be any better? God I hope so. Thank goodness for Second Life and the little bubble of tranquillity it provides. Meanwhile, here’s a list of the things I got up to during the last twelve months." Read more on the blog.

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Winter Blues - Five Of Cups

"The Five of Cups in a reading usually shows a need to acknowledge the disappointment or sorrow in your life but also emphasizes the importance of acceptance, learning from the experience, and seeking ways to move forward. It encourages a shift in perspective to recognize the opportunities that still exist rather than dwelling solely on past disappointments. This card serves as a reminder to not let setbacks overshadow future potential and to find ways to overcome grief or disappointment." Read more on the blog.

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No time for real life - 19.jpg

"If you think of the holidays which are right around the corner you most likely think of cheerful Santa and presents, the decorated tree, and picture-perfect snow scenes, right? However, all these happy activities which mostly originate from Europe also have some darker traditions not well known in the USA or Canada." Read more on the blog.

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The Softpaw Saga - 1.png

"In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital age, the quest for spiritual connection and religious community has found a new frontier: the virtual world of Second Life.... As a Chaplain serving in Second Life, I’ve had the unique opportunity to witness firsthand how this virtual realm has become a sanctuary for many, offering a sense of presence and community that is often hard to find in other online platforms." Read more on the blog.

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