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Welcome to the Second Life Blogger Network! SLBN is a curated showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers (and vloggers) in our community. 

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SLEA : Week at a Glance


SLEA - 5.jpg

"Monday, 21 November -Sunday, 27 November 2022

Grant applications are open, You can apply any time at SLEArts.com
Decisions will be announced by December first  for Launch 5 starting January 1st

Monday, November 21th - R4: 8:15am-8:30am and from 8:45am-9:00am. Two sessions of Group Meditation on SLEA4, MusicLAB at SLEA4 5
Tuesday, November 22th - R2: 1-2pm SLT THE TEMPLE TOURS at The Temple of the Divine Feminine
Thursday, November 23th << HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! - R1: 8AM -9AM SLT, SLEA 7 – Steve Who? @ The Street Artists Cafe
Sunday, November 27th - R4 1-2 pm The most Bizarre Avatar Fashion Show > Enter the fashion show! > Check out the website."

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Second Sighting - 1.jpg

"The exhibition The Art Of Living in.adHD, by DeCarlo Maximus FitzGerald (or Reddee Hian), is a door not exactly to ADHD itself, but to a way of understanding the world, feeling it and expressing oneself under the influence of that mental condition. It opened on October 1st, in The 22 Art Space, in Bellisseria, and runs until January 20th, 2023 – and I have to underline it was totally produced by Randy Firebrand (in association with DeCarlo)" Read more on the blog.

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Diomita Maurer - 1.jpg

"Dido Haas invited me to the opening of new exhibition at in the annex of her Nitroglobus Roof Gallery: “Noir” by Joanna Kitten (joaannna). The exhibition will be opened officially today, Monday, October 10th, at 12 PM SLT (9 PM Central Europe Time). The music will be provided by Jewell, the particles will be added again by Venus Adored." Read more on the blog.

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Inara Pey - 23.jpg

"As the name suggests, the Art Trail is an open-air walk along the southern coast of Corsica, winding its way between the Corsica Tourist Centre and Tea Garden and Port Emyniad, with the former noted at the starting point; although there is no reason why trail-walkers can start from the Port and follow the signs backwards – there is no order into how the path is followed and the order in which the art is viewed." Read more on the blog.

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