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Welcome to the Second Life Blogger Network! SLBN is a curated showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers (and vloggers) in our community. 

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Virtuality - 27.jpg

"As the Second Life community continues to evolve and change, one thing becomes clear: the importance of events is rising. We’re not just talking about shopping events – artistic gatherings, musical extravaganzas, roleplay adventures, and much more. Even sports events and related videos are making their mark in Second Life. It’s a community in constant flux, and this transformation calls for a new approach to information and engagement tools.

Enter ILoveEvents.Online – the fresh, dynamic platform designed to cater specifically to the ever-evolving needs of the Second Life community. With the support of our vibrant team, Violet and Sabina, we’ve embarked on an exciting journey to provide you with the ultimate event-centric experience in the virtual realm."

Read more on the blog.

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The Gazette - 41.png

"AmandaT Tamatzui (SL avatar of real life artist Amanda Tomasoa from New Zealand) is known to many of our readers as a stamp designer for the Bellisserian Bureau of Bureaucracy. She is also an active figure on the Second Life® art scene. Many passport-holders will have visited her galleries and exhibitions, where she always offers special stamps in her unique style." Read more on the blog.

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The Gazette - 39.jpg

"The group is staffed by ten moles and (at the moment) fifty-seven trained Bellisseria Mentors. They are from all time zones, and the hope is that no matter what time it is for you, there should be someone online who can assist you. In addition to the help staff, some of the group members are also very knowledgeable about everything related to Linden Homes; and can also answer questions." Read more on the blog.

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The Gazette - 38.png

"We have made great progress with our new website. Check it out here – we think you'll find it useful. It offers a web map, which you can browse directly and a searchable illustrated database of available stamps. Each entry in your search has a View on Map button to show you exactly where to find it. If your viewer supports it, you can then go to the location directly from the teleport link on the map! Failing that you can just copy and paste the SLURL." Read more on the blog.

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The Gazette - 36.png

"I am delighted by the participation in this years SL20B Event. I personally thank the BBB Team – the greatest team in SL –for all their hard work, including the laborious hours they put into its success. Amanda – who threw the parties and made all the stamps. Dave – who reset The Gazette I don't know how many times to include EVERY new stamp to be collected. Robert  – who fixed all my errors and mostly with a smile! Laurel – who worked overtime on passports, licences, and licence plates. Teresa – who had her own build at SL20B, but still gave us all she could." Read more on the blog.

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New World Notes - 11.jpg

"I just wrote about how Second Life was inspired by both the Metaverse of Snow Crash and Burning Man of orgiastic arts festival fame, and the SL20B exhibit has a cool installation that demonstrates both: A giant butterfly and flower created in Second Life - that was then exported as a design and built in real life at Burning Man!" Read more on the blog.

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