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Welcome to the Second Life Blogger Network (SLBN)!
SLBN is a curated showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers (and vloggers) in our community.

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Strawberry Linden

The Good Gorean - 2.jpg

"Cyberpunk fiction gained momentum in the early 1980s—William Gibson's influential debut novel Neuromancer, Bruce Sterling, Rudy Rucker, K.W. Jeter  and Katsuhiro Otomo's manga series Akira are some of the authors and novels most associated with the movement, who solidified cyberpunk as a subgenre. In addition, early films such as Blade Runner and The Matrix Trilogy further popularized this genre, reflecting a new perspective of a technology-induced realm of bizarre, hard-edged and high-tech subculture of hackers and rebels; thus the origin of the movement’s name – high tech (cyber) with counter-culture (punk)." Read more on the blog.

Strawberry Linden

Ivo's World - 2.png

"Rejected by his former city government for doing his job too well. Ivo, the great Night City Detective that rustled too many corporate feathers, upset too many apple carts, discovers a new city with tall buildings, bright lights and with crime that needs to be stopped. Drune, a city built on pleasure and sin. Ivo finds a need to establish himself as functioning member of this society, one that he can help succeed while keeping the peace. First however, he feels the need to let his hair down." Read more on the blog.

Strawberry Linden

"What's up SL family! Well, we're three weeks (3 rl months) into my pregnancy and so much has already started to happen my body. I still can't believe this is MY body housing a baby! I'm still using the beta avlovemomma pregnancy body throughout this pregnancy journey and I can say that this body definitely has added to the experience. This video is going to be a little crazy after the 45 minute mark because I kept losing space to record- sorry guys! But anyways, enjoy this video of roleplay with light commentary as we go for my first maternity doctor's visit. I'm excited!" Click over to watch the video on YouTube.

Strawberry Linden

Ivo's World - 1.png

"Night City, 2077, in a time where corporate rule, power struggles and impotent government have been the norm for over forty years. The streets are filled with crime, drug lords, black market body modifications, cyberware and addictions to braindances. A town that Detective Ivo has been attempting to protect with a high degree of success. He was so successful at his craft that the corporate giant Arasaka had the government expel him from the city after a major event which found him running from his own fellow officers in the Night City subway." Read more on the blog.

Strawberry Linden

"What's up SL family! So this wasn't even intended to be a vlog but the moment was just so right lol. Today we learned that you can actually click the share experience button on the hud to deliver a hud to your partner for them to wear and keep track of your pregnancy as well. I think that's superrrr dope! Anyways, enjoy this quick video and leave your questions and comments below! " Click over to watch the video on YouTube.

Strawberry Linden

The Good Gorean - 6.jpg

"The Holiday Season is not over yet – we are soon to cheer to a New Year and hopefully to a better year than what 2020 had to offer us. Many of us agree this year has not been the most joyful, but we need to remember and count our blessings. Keep your hopes up – I strongly believe in a few months our lives may go back to normal; until then, let's stay virtual." Read more on the blog.

Strawberry Linden

Meela Vanderbuilt - 1.png

"One of my all time favorite things to do in Second Life has always been role play.  The reason I decided to play Second Life were because of some of these role play communities.  I remember early in my Second Life, I used to hop around between this role play community called Rocky Valley and another called Dead End.  I met the majority of my current friends at Rocky Valley, this cool boarding school style city that really kicked started my love for immersive role play." Read more on the blog.

Strawberry Linden

The Good Gorean - 4.jpg

"There's a new weaponry in town and I couldn't be more excited to show off the first and new release from Edo World, the "Naginata" Pole Weapon. Edo World comes to us as a sister store to Medieval World, one of fantasy creators who is frequently featured in this blog - if you enjoy all things Japanese, Yi Ti (Game of Thrones) or Pani (Gor), visit the store, grab a landmark and go back often to check on new releases." Read more on the blog.

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