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Welcome to the Second Life Blogger Network! SLBN is a curated showcase of posts from Second Life Bloggers (and vloggers) in our community. 

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hot toast

"Zaque Hexem’s surreal art might make you ask, “But is it Second Life?” 

He answers in the most Second Life way possible; he provides SL content credits. “Hot Toast” (above) is wildly inventive. Seriously, who thinks, “I have this beautifully engraved skeleton, I think I’ll  make some toast.”  Zaque, obviously, but who else?"

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I Love Events - 5.jpg

"Art enthusiasts and aficionados, mark your calendars for February 15 at 12 pm SLT, as ArtCare Gallery proudly presents “When Dark Meets Light,” an extraordinary exhibition by the visionary Maloe Vansant. Prepare to be transported on a profound and emotive journey as you explore the depths of human experience through Maloe’s lens." Read more on the blog

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Inara Pey - 4.jpg

"Lalie Sorbet invited me to visit her latest collaborative piece – working with Chrix (chrixbed) – entitled Bloom: Flowers of Evil, and which is currently open to visitors at the Second Life Endowment for the Arts. A dynamic installation built around what I understand to be a scripted particle system of their own design (and called, appropriately, Bloom), mixed with 2-dimensional elements also under scripted management." Read more on the blog

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I Love Events - 2.png

"Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery, owned by the passionate Dido Haas, transforms into a captivating oasis of emotions with the latest exhibition by artist Morlita Quan. This extraordinary show is the result of a unique and touching proposal from Dido, who invited Morlita to explore the fascinating world of dogs and cats through her unmistakable artistic lens." Read more on the blog

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GBTH - 9.png

"It's quite symbolic that GBTH is named Grab By The Horns because that's precisely what we've done this year. We've launched nine distinct exhibitions and introduced innovative formats that were previously unexplored here. This has made it an incredibly productive year, and we can't express enough gratitude for the love and support shown to GBTH. Below, we've put together a recap of everything we've accomplished this year." Read more on the blog

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Whom the Angels Named Lenore

"Liz Saenz’ “Whom the Angels Named Lenore” is one of many striking pictures in what will surely be the smallest group I feature. With only eight members, nine since I joined, Poe-try is dedicated to the great Edgar Allen Poe. We’re still in the penumbra of Halloween, so it’s now or never to feature it. This above is one of many pics paying homage to his most famous poem, “The Raven.” 

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Through Owl's Eye - 13.jpg

"Pagan Lane Art Exhibit Invitation “Opening Party November 15. You are invited to join us for the opening of Pagan Lane’s art expostion. An eclectic showcase of his work awaits you at the Old Factory Gallery at CK’s Corner. DJ Frank Atisso will spin some awesome tunes as we celebrate SL’s creativity and Pagan’s in particular. Join us on Wednesday 15 November from 12-2 PM SLT and bring a friend (or two)!" Read more on the blog.

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Limoncello News - 6.jpg

"In addition to our main location at Nyunanga, where we now have our original SL gallery – the Airship Limoncello – moored to the roof of the 20-storey LG Tower, we have long had a location in Bellisseria. The Bellisseria Limoncello Gallery was housed discreetly in a sky-box above our owner Dave's houseboat, moored in the Sirinial Region." Read more on the blog.

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Shareta Osumai Tea Garden

"This picture above, though, just blew me away with the bold colors. This shows you how fantastical you can make our virtual world by playing around with the environment settings. I love the color intensity and how the flowers in the foreground almost become one with the forest thanks to the sun’s colors. It’s a great picture but it is not indicative of what you will find in their photostream, mainly because nothing is. Each picture is sui generis." Read more on the blog.

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