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  1. Rez the HUD. Then click over the listing in inventory and choose edit. If the HUD is there, it will produce at lease one reference line. If it's showing an intersection on your screen, then its on its side and you can't see it. Put your cursor (still in edit) over the HUD and press Ctrl. Try rotating the HUD so you can see it. In some cases that means I had to not only rotate it vertically, I had to spin it horizontally so it was facing me again. Once its back where you want it, leave edit and it should stay there. Now...all you see is a green or blue line going off screen when you go into edit. Put your cursor at the corner of the screen and move it in. You will see a screen square pull in and somewhere off that screen square will be your HUD. Move it back onto the screen and leave edit. It should stay put. SO: It could be either on its side and not visible (but when you run the cursor over it, yeah, the cursor will show it) or it could be off screen. Either is fixable in Edit and either can happen by accident. Good luck. Just for the heck of it, try Ctrl-Alt-T and see if its become transparent for some reason. That is fixable on the Edit > Texture panel (transparency).
  2. Simplest answer first: Is this breedable transferrable? Some are not. Some are transferrable byut not saleable. That means you can give them away but not sell them. How to find out? R-Click and choose Edit. First tab will tell you if the breedable is saleable or not. As for the not paid notice, is your breedable under a group tag? If so, remove it so the breedable has no group as owner. My suspicion is that it isn't saleable. Check with the person who sold it to you to find out. Finally, if it SHOULD be saleable and some glitch won't let you sell it, then start a Ticket to have the problem fixed by Linden Labs. My hunch is that your breedable is not saleable. Sorry, but some of them are that way.
  3. OKay: 1: Mesh is a client issue. That means if your computer runs SL at all, it will run mesh with a mesh enabled viewer. 2: Start saving! Get a 500-550 watt power supply and a 550-2gig card. The 500 series is a good stable card series and the 550 is the best bang for the buck. Yes, there are higher numbered cards, but they are also a lot more expensive. 3: You will also be seeing Server Side Baking as an issue. That is also a client (Viewer software) issue. Essentially, if you get an up-to-date viewer (client) the issue of mesh and SSB will be non issues, taken care of by the viewer software. Hope this helps.
  4. Another thing to try with the Viewer: Preferences> Graphics> Rendering> Un-check (turn off) "HTTP Textures". That speeds things up nicely. Also try setting the viewer to low as a test and see if the problems repeat.
  5. If you have the most recent driver for that card, you have the best driver. You might check nVidia's "Legacy Drivers" and see if they have one specifically for the 9600 series, but understand, you're on an old card, about 2 generations old. I had to replace a 9800GT card. Did so with a 550 card with 2 gig memory and the cost was worth it. Meanwhile, check the Legacy drivers section of nVidia's website.
  6. This message is based on an accident of sorts. Take two computers, same maker, same everything (literally, these were bought at the same time from the same vendor and have the same hookup from the same provider). The only difference between the two was the Graphics Accelerator card. Computer 1 had an nVidia 650 Ti (not overclocked) with 1 gig of onboard memory. Computer 2 had an nVIdia 650 Ti (not overclocked) with 2 gigs onboard memory. The only difference between the two machines was 1 gig of on-card Graphics memory... Literally. When we downloaded the new Firestorm 4.4.0. client (SSB enabled) the difference was amazing in what we could do, see, and framerate. That extra memory worked wonders on the client that had it (although the 1 gig client was alright too, just not as fast or capable) What I found out is this: now, if you want the good stuff from Second Life, you need a card that is up to date and has two gigs (or more, perhaps) of memory on the card. Spend the extra money if you have it. It will be worth it, decidedly so. Now I need to trade off an nVidia card and get one with more memory. Talk about annoying...
  7. Did you make this part of an Outfit in Appearance? That'll do it every time. Are they part of an outfit? You may have to wear tthe outfit first and then take off and replace them with something else. Finally, when was the last time you cleared your Cache? Be prepared for a LONG log in afterwards, but many linked items will no longer be linked (like outfits). Clear Visible Cache first: that is a script you use to clean up visible things. Clear Cache: The big time fix up. Be sure of what and where that cache is and where its located. Clearing your Cache will remove EVERYTHING in the cache file, so if you have other stuff in the file, move it first. Those two bits of clearing should fix your problems. Just remember Clear Cache = Long load afterwards.
  8. That depends. For Physical movement vehicles, work at a maximum of 30 total prims. Sometimes, you can go as high as 32 prims, but that isn't a given. 30 prims is safe and they'll stay together when you cross a sim border. Getting into Non-Physical movement, you can go as high as you like as long as you remember that A: Crossing sim boundaries can make your vehicle fall apart, and B: non-physical movement scripts can get you banned on some regions because of the lag they cause. Some vehicles are banned simply because of their high prim count and script load. That means your vehicle and you may be kicked off a sim without warning because it is using too much sim memory and causing lag. Some vehicle/residences are allowed if the movement scripts are deleted, but don't count on it. Some sim admins won't bother to count scripts, they'll just return and ban and let you cry to the sim owner later. Bottom line: 30 (Thirty) prims is the practical limit for vehicles... and remember to count the base prim with all the scripts in it too!
  9. When pathfinding was initiated, the Caledon Air Transport stopped operation for a few days. Then it resumed, presumably under the new Pathfinder system. The current result is that usually (but not always) after the first stop on the route, the airship races off world and I crash. At first, I thought it was a glitch, but after three rides in a row which ALL went offworld, I wonder if others are having this problem too? Before Pathfinding was instituted, these airships were steady and reliable; now they are a one-way trip to crash-landing as they go off world, each in exactly the same way: They speed up and generate impossible sim co-ordiates at very high speed. I can't stand up and I can't teleport out. Obvuously something is wrong here. Has someone else found a fix for this (assuming it's me and not the transport system).
  10. By now, this is probably unnecessary, but use the Search function to find the land you want. Yes, it will take time. On the other hand, you will see a number of sims and learn what various terms mean when it comes to landscaping. You will find what you want. This is Second Life.
  11. It sounds like you were banned from a sim for ageplay. Okay. There are a lot of sims in Second Life. Go somewhere else and start over. "Shouting"... Either you had your Caps Lock key down WHICH SOME PEOPLE SEE AS SHOUTING, or you were hitting enter+shift causing your avatar to "shout". Learn to use the enter key alone and not hit the shift key. If it means typing a bit more slowly, then type more slowly. If the accusations of ageplay are due to your using child avatars, then don't use child avatars. Break the problem down into single items, then fix each item. Together, they will fix the problem.
  12. Simply put, NO. You cannot use a sim boundary for a wall. This has been hashed over already. How far away from the sim border should you be? 10M at least, 15 is better. Best is to try your heavy "get stuck" vehicle and see how far away it needs to be, then make your road there. Since the two sims in SL can be in different States in RL, once the transfer starts, its gonna go. Be aware of this; it will win every single time.
  13. When you move, THIS TIME make sure your Landlord will support you. A lot of land owners are like reeds; whichever way the wind is blowing is fine, so long as they get their rent. Maybe you could find a Landlord who wants to play along with you. They get to play "King" and you get a guarantee of support from them. Just an idea...
  14. Use Search. Suggestion is: Search>Forest or Search> Wilderness Check the sims and locations shown. There may not be an infohub, but you can still enter SL in a given area by writing the name of the sim in the Login box. You can also use the map. Find one of the locations you are interested in on the map, then look for the hub nearest it. It will probably be a blue star with the letter M on it. From that point, you walk or fly to the area you want. You can also place the cursor on the area you want to go, click it, and choose "teleport" on the map. Have a good time!
  15. Okay. Prims = Primitives = the basic shapes that make up everything in Second Life that isn't air or water or land. Houses are made of prims. Check around. Before you go renting things out, learn about SL. There are several schools for SL matters which can do a better job of education than I can. If you rent out a house on land, you have to own the land. The house will cover X square meters of land and use Y number of prims in its construction. You should allot more space to the rental house than it takes up; say a house covers 20 square meters of land, you should provide another 20 meters of land around the house for privacy. That having been said, check around; there are realty schools in SL. Seek their input. Just remember the only dumb question is the one you don't ask.
  16. That's a ripoff for certain. Both have a pronounced linea alba which would be unlikely were they two different artists' work. Keep the pressure on the dmca, that's all you can do.
  17. It gets even better! I've been using V 1.23.5 a great deal because building with this viewer is the easiest of all viewers out there. It's SIMPLE! Guess what! There are NO fresh downloads available for 1.23.5 any more. You can't even load any of the V 2 viewers without a lot of grief, if you can load them at all. Linden wants us to use the new V 3 series because they've redone all their servers to work with it. That means any non-V 3 viewer uses more server power than Linden wants their peeps to use, so they simply make it impossible for you to find any non-V 3 viewer. I would suggest either Phoenix or Firestorm viewers. Phoenix is a V 1 based viewer with some extra benefits and Firestorm is Viewer 2 done right. Both work very well and have an extremely low crash rate. As for Viewer 3.xxx, it acts like a Beta that has been rushed out before it is ready. Linden has a habit of doing this, that's why 3rd party viewers are so popular. They tend to work a lot better than the "Official" releases.
  18. That sounds like a memory problem, as in your graphics card is being overloaded and running out of storage space. Remember, Avvies move while scenery doesn't. Try dropping a level on your Graphics Preferences setting and see if that helps; the less work your graphics card and memory has to deal with, the better. Finally, see if this problem persists with other viewers or if it is limited to V.3. If it is limited to V.3 then decide how important Mesh is to you, since that's the main difference between V.2 and V.3.
  19. Keep in mind that whatever graphics card you get will need as much onboard memory as possible. Try to get a card that has at least 1 gig of onboard memory, since that will determine the quality of image you get as much as the card does. If you can buy from Tiger Online, they have a GeForce 9800/1 gig for under $50.00 US. The reason the card is so inexpensive is because it's old tech (but it's still a very good card). Making sure you are running the most up to date Graphics drivers isa good idea too; check out Nvidia GeForce on the web and download their most up to date drivers. That alone can make a big difference. And... Figure on at least 500 watts in your power supply, 600 to 750 is even better. Having too much available electricity has never been a problem, it's when you have just barely enough that you run into trouble. Good luck and have fun!
  20. You're describing lag, and lots of it. Are you the owner of this sim or do you just own a region? If the latter; check and see if somebody is into breedables-they are lag generators par excellence. I'm bringing this up because a friend owns a quarter sim and both her neighbors are into breedables (horses and Meroos), and they are lagging her section nearly to death since both neighbors have their breedables near her quarter so they don't cause the neighbors to have too much lag. Anyway, what you are describing is lag. Find the cause and get rid of it. That's all you can do.
  21. Another thing that might help requires finding either a "de-ruthing" device or a specific de-cloud object. They both contain a script that will send you to 4000 meters (the top of a sim) and then brings you back down again, all in about 2 seconds. About 3/4's of the time it will turn a cloud into an avatar since it gives the server a chance to reset your image. Another dodge is to teleport somewhere; either by using a teleport device or just picking a location and tp'ing there. That gives the computers another chance to reassemble your avatar properly, rather than as a cloud. Finally, try stripping stark naked, as in taking off all your attachments and clothing and hair... ie: going back to the first avatar you wore the first time you went inworld and then try the above. The less the computer has to draw, the less likely you are to be left as a cloud. Good luck!
  22. Try downloading Viewer 1. It makes fewer demands on your system. If THAT runs okay, then the problem is in Viewer 2. If you can't run Viewer 1 without trouble, check the following: 1. Your connection to the internet and that connection's speed. 2. The driver setup on your Graphics card. 3. The physical condition of your Graphics card (dust, dirt, tobacco smoke*, card connections, including the board plugin). Given what you describe, I suspect a memory problem either in your card or computer. If you can, add some more RAM. You have a two core processor, you need as much memory as you can get for Viewer 2 since it's targeted at machines with more processing power. Memory buildup helps. Are you on a wireless system? That could be your problem right there; the more machines on a wireless hookup, the slower (effectively) the whole thing runs. The loss of video data points first at memory, secondly at the card. Make sure they are clean and well seated. Start checking from the simple (connection) to the fancy (cards and components) and you will find the problem. Since this happens every time you try to restart SL, are you sure it's shut off? Just clicking the red X at top right isn't going to do it. You need to QUIT and then let the program put things away. *Tobacco smoke is oily, and oil attracts dirt, and dirt attracts moisture. All these things make your computer less than happy. If you smoke, don't surf and smoke. Go outside or to another room.
  23. I suspect your problem is with this particular version (or perversion) of Viewer 2. If you want to use Viewer 2, go back to a slightly earlier version that does work. Then try Firestorm. Basically, use what works! If Linden Labs is smart, they'll keep Viewer 1 going (no updates, but there's Phoenix for that) so those of us who neither want nor need what Viewer 2 has to offer will have a Viewer to use. Simple fact, Viewer 1 is easier for marginal situations to handle; like less than stellar connections, machines that aren't the newest, cards that aren't top line, people whom Viewer 2 only annoys... Keeping Viewer 1 and the related products is a way to insure customer loyalty. Personally, I'm afraid that if / when Linden Labs stops runing Viewer 1 on their servers, they will lose a lot of customers whose above mentioned marginal situations will cause them to lose access to Second Life. That's like closing the door in the middle of a sale; you lose money, customers, and goodwill. I think Linden labs can see this.
  24. There are a number of free camera control HUD's around, the one on Doomed Spaceship is very good and has the addition of letting you see poseballs (if that's your thing). Alternately, depending on your viewer, try L-clicking and scrolling up or down to change the cam angle. Finally, try going into Preferences and try different settings on cam angle and follow distance. One of the major problems is that each viewer handles cam angle differently. Try all the suggestions and don't forget those camera HUD's. They work, although you will need to get used to a vastly different follow angle. I prefer L shoulder, myself; that way I can see what I have in my hands.
  25. First off: Use a Linden made Viewer. Second: Tell your daughter to QUIT (Log off) if that happens. Third (this can be difficult): Names, Names, Names!!! WHO teleported her? WHERE was she taken (Top of the screen says where you are)? Was she given anything and if so WHAT? She doesn't have to tell you. She needs to make a report to Linden Labs about the event; chances are if it happened to her it's happened to others, too. Avoid anything with a RLV tag on it; it's trouble! And yes, there are predators here just like in First Life. It's just easier to catch them in Second Life, that's all.
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