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  1. no, i am the person who allways conplaind about how Hentai High was usieng the Phoenix Viewer's hight detecter that had wrong meshurments just to get away with ageplay in Second Life. i puted one of them "anime avatars and went to a chat sim and asked them if it was a child avatar or a adult avatar, and they told me it was a child avatar. after they told me it was a child avatar i then ask't them "if its a child avatar then why is Linden Lab ignoreing all the reports i been making on hentai high for ageplay", i even told them how Hentai High usses the Phoenix's hight detecter to trick the w
  2. so.. unless linden lab unbans me.. ill keep working harder on geting it all shutdown, so you may blame me for anything the FBI closes after march
  3. Sence Linden Lab Banned my ex main "Lonewolf" for lies told on me by a greaifer who defamed me with lies only to get me banned.. i am going to work on geting all of second life shutdown ^^
  4. what is the nearest # to call Linden lab from Britain? i need Linden Lab's phone # to talk to them about the abuse appeal team never respoding to a abuse appeal i made and they never responded to my witnesses appeal she made for me,,,
  5. will do .. ill just have to stop taking my meds and start having sezzzures to do so
  6. the odd thing is, i think the stuff i said to Linden Lab "confused the daylights out of them".. here i will explain to you what i mean.. in dec of 2011 i was banned so i filed a abuse appeal, they told me i was banned for ageplay, that is when i called Linden Lab up on the phone and they sent me to the abuse appeal team & i told them what happend by phone, that is when they said i was never banned for ageplay.. they told me by phone i was banned for desterbing the peace for shouting at someone then they unbanned me..."its as if they understand me better by phone" O-o that or i am not tell
  7. i filed a fue abuse appeals but i do not think Linden Lab understands what i have to say, so please tell me the main guied lines as to what Linden Lab needs to know, when filing a abuse appeal so they will understand me more clearly, the type of abuse appeal i am triing to make has to do with "fals reports made on me" tell me the main guid lines as to what i need to tell Linen lab to get my account back ;( PS: i am "mentally challenged" so make what you say vary clear to me
  8. Hello, I want to know where the abuse appeal team got the idea that I was ageplaying or promoting it without any proof, I know there is no proof bc I was never doing any of what they said I did, I have a witness who can testify for me & tell them that I was getting harassed by trolls & as far as they are concerned having a child avatar on is AgePlay even when no sex is involved! My witness filed a witness case to show Linden Lab that i was never ageplaying or anything related to it! But sadly the abuse appeal team declined my appeals without ever telling me what makes them think the
  9. How do i file a lawsuit on Linden Lab for allowing ppl who has $ get away with... Defaming mefiling fake reports on me untill im banned for somthing i did not do!starting a group of trollers to harass me!the player has done all these thigns to me using alts and groups of players sence 2011.. and i was banned when i started to shout at her for doing all that crap to me and now the abuse appeal team keeps saying "i was banned for ageplay".. tell me how can "shouting at someone" be "ageplay"? LoL =/
  10. what are u talking about? lol.. im just trying to show the world how Linden Lab messed up when they banned me... bc the ban was made by fals reports, and the abuse apeal team is ignoreing me..so now im vary upset, i was banned on feb 8th, and done filed lots pf abuse apeals
  11. the only ressone im here is bc i got my main accunt banned when someone started calling me a ageplayer, i reported them for harrassment but no Linden came to my aid, 2 hrs of arguing with them my account was termenated.. "and i was not even doing any sex acts of any kind nor was o promoting it" now tell me.. dose these look like im geting "harrassed" to you or not? lol.. [00:08] ++++++++++: you are an ageplayer. [00:08] Lonewolf Lightworker: i am not a ageplayewr [00:08] ++++++++++: you are an ageplayer. [00:08] ++++++++++: quit ageplaying [00:08] Lonewolf Lightworker: u cant proov it so
  12. btw, i dont totley understand what you mean by "changeing my aprouch", the only thing i know how to do atm is file abuse apeals, is that what you mean by a aprouch? ;o
  13. btw, i can not do much in real life.. so for 8 years iv used second life as my real life, i did things in second life that i culd not do in real life..and now it was all taken away from me all bc someone defamed me, ithe abuse apeal team is not lsitiong to me and im runing out of thouts about what to do about it. i cant offord a lawer unless its free bc im on dissabillity =( so what can i do to get my life back? 1 thout came to my mind is.. i go to a police station and then see what the police says and if they cant help me i pull out a knife right then and there and then cut myself in fru
  14. walking up to me then calling me a ageplayer and then telling lies about me by saying i was asking them for sex as a child avatar is in fact "starting stuff with me" and harrassing me is it not? they was trying to get the ppl in the area to think i was a sexuale ageplayer by useing lies and edited comenets =x
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