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  1. Looking for your very own piece of mainland? Here's one that has sailing access! Ready to buy at just L$12,500! Quite area with lots of abandoned land on the sim! So come sail the Mare Secundus , owned by "Linden Department of Public Works". There is also some Linden land to explore which you can see from this parcel. Come and check it out! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Suisun/216/212/38
  2. Thanks. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't my computer or I would have to send it back
  3. I have a new desktop computer with windows 8. I downloaded Firestorm and when I logged into my house not everything was showing up...meaning some objects were indeed invisible...stairs, floor, etc. I tried relog more than once; didn't help. I was wondering if it is a Firestorm glitch or windows 8 hates SL...something like that. I've been looking so forward to this day; a SL compatible computer. Sure the water and all looks absolutely gorgeous but now I am having other issues. What viewer is best to run SL? Thank you for any help you have to offer.
  4. Boy do I have a lot to learn! Maybe I need to take a computer building class at my local community college. I thought the power supply that came with any computer would be fine as long as the graphics card is higher end so it would already be compatible; even If I chose to upgrade later. What I have discovered by shopping around on sites (Dell, HP, newegg, etc) is that at first glance the system I chose looks really great. Then as I read further into the specs what is high-end as far as say Intel i7 lacks in the graphics card and/or other components. As far as building a pc I would probably c
  5. I agree with the others; no need to delete it all unless you have a very good reason to do so. Keep everything in inventory in case you decide to return at a later date. I left SL for awhile and came back and everything was still intact. Did have to give up my land though (or else keep paying tiers) but land is everywhere on the grid. Good luck
  6. Recently I posted a thread asking what kind of pc I will need for today's SL. Many thanks to all those who commented. I was wondering if the specs posted below would work best or if I should change something. Do I need the latest Intel? Or a 2nd or HDD hard drive? Trying to make it as affordable as possible but not the cheapest so it will last. Thanks HPE h8-1360t seriesProcessor3rd GenHPE h8-1360t serieseration Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 quad-core processor [3.4GHz, 8MB Shared Cache]editMemory8GB DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM [2 DIMMs]editHard drive1TB 7200 rpm SATA hard driveeditSecondary Hard DriveNo s
  7. I have been using SL on the same old laptop since I joined. With the major updates LL has been doing I have been unable to view mesh (I am sure some of you have experienced this) and when I downloaded and tried all the mesh-compatable viewers no luck in starting; all I get is a black screen where the log-in screen should be. So I have been stuck using an old viewer with mesh mess all over the place. I have been just staying local and trying to avoid mesh wherever I go. And the lag has gotten worse but I know computers cannot last forever and technology must keep moving forward. Now I have deci
  8. Yesterday I purchased parcel of 8192m and I haven't been able to use it because I keep getting logged out of it. In the meantime I can't get any assistance from company and I fear I have lost 12k linens as a result. Any suggestions? Another resident renting from same company is also having problems and not sure what to do either.
  9. I was going to give up on SL because of Viewer 2! I didn't know much about the other views then. I was using the Linden viewer when I was decorating my parcel when I started to get the slow inventory loading and then some of the objects I was moving around were suddenly gone! I don't know if LL has fixed this but I am afraid to find out! I am a resident who loves to keep changing the landscaping...lol
  10. I was one of the residents using Viewer 2 until I realized that it took away some of my inventory that I paid a total of several 1,000s of Lindens. Here I was thinking it was my computer acting up. I was moving things around on my land when the viewer seemed to crash for a bit and when it recovered.....objects were missing.....I wish I could get them back since it cost me the Lindens but I have no proof I lost it so I won't get too involved with purchasing the nice items in SL until Linden Lab gets their act together. Since you know the story on Emerald I won't post much about it...it did work
  11. I agree. I had to stop using LL viewer since it gave me so much trouble all the time.
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