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  1. Vehicle Script Writer, to write a series of scripts to help get my detailed mesh cars working. Script must include Animation AO with drive, reverse, shift, L+R turn and get-in poses. Smooth door open multi prim animation (whilst keeping all prims linked), Front wheel and hub animations when turning. Reverse Gear (sounds obvious but i paid cash for one that didn't?). All the normal functions should also be present but NO gimmicks i.e..- drifting, particle flames, sound systems, wheel toe-in / camber. Any help truly appreciated and generously reimbursed its genuinely shocking that only one scrip
  2. I'm trying to build a skybox test track for my cars but am having troubles with one wall. My land borders a sim crossing and the wall which runs parallel is troublesome. At slow speeds the cars, bikes get stuck in it and at faster speeds they simply travel straight through. I have tried various thicknesses, differing densities and distances from the border but other than moving the wall 10 meters from it the trouble persists. Are there scripts, work arounds or simple building techniques that will allow me to build closer to the border and still function as standard wall?
  3. Up-date, Now i use the Beta Veiwer (gave up on veiwer 3 nonsense) I am now told its- Error: Dae parsing issue. Have no idea what that means.
  4. Thanks for your advice Ju, I use 2.49 and the armature i am trying to use IS a modified stock SL skeleton (my scratch built one was way to much for the antiquated SL system IK's and Rotation Location locks etc.). When i select the armature then the mesh and try to import i get told there is no mesh and when the mesh then the armature is selected i just get the mesh with no skin weight or joints. Thanks again but i have given up and gone back to car stuff and will wait until somebody can find a way of bringing in avatar models that do not need the horrible fat little SL armature.
  5. Thanks for your help, but unfortunately my mesh just does not fit the SL avatar template. The legs are longer, the torso shorter, the shoulders further back . I have tried to parent it to the stock armature but it deforms horribly. So it seems i need to remedy this before exporting the model elsewhere. Thanks again though. 
  6. Okay, my mesh avatar is good, the textures are good, the vertex groups and armature are children and modifiers (respectively) yet when i up-load the model it shows no skin weight or joint attributes. My mesh does not fit the "short, dumpy" SL armature so i moved around the bones keeping the correct orientation and names then moved the vertex groups to the new respective positions. In pose mode the mesh moves correctly (some wrong deformation but quickly remedied with a spot of weight painting) and all seems good until download? What i have noticed in the "free mesh download avat
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