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  1. Of course, i mean do this to the second frame, not the first T Pose frame
  2. The trick to stopping that wierd movement your avatar does in a static pose is to make sure each part of the body is animated. I do it by making sure everything either has a -1 or a 1 which is subtle enough to not effect what the pose looks like and it stops the wonky swerve the avatar does. If a body part has a 0 in any field just jack it up to 1 or -1
  3. We did mention that and originally she took the sim and sold it to us. We were prepared to give the two what they had left in rent since our land lord does not offer refunds. However, when one of the two logged in and saw that the sim now belonged to my partner they Messaged the land lord and threw a fit. She returned the sim to their possession. We do not know what the deciding factor was for our land lord to return the sim. Recently, since i took away their rights to send notices to our roleplay groups, they've started dropping notecards on the players. I'm being slandered as antigay, and a
  4. This has been going on for quite awhile. I have vendors up in my skymall and if people can't find us in search, then I a very limited traffic flow coming in. Not to mention that 30L is being pulled from my account for no reason. I use the same keywords in my search that other sims with similar roleplay use, and they're showing up in search. I have made sure that under region/estate that we are not blocked from search. Also the show in search option is checked under about land. Our keywords are fine. I can find our groups when i search for our sim, but our sim does not come up. Not even under p
  5. Exactly what the one before me said. This isn't just a cluster of residential sims, they're roleplay sims. They need to be the same across the board and use the same rules to govern the roleplay. I basically now have a sim in the middle that has nothing to do with what the other 4 sims are doing. At this rate, i'm wasting my money to be a roleplay sim that's connected to another roleplay sim that i'm no longer associated with. It's sort of like they didn't like what they agreed to anymore so by changing everything me and 4 other sims either move or do what they're doing. Our group actually wo
  6. I run a 5 sim cluster, and when we started this cluster, specifications were laid out to be in this cluster. For example, everyone must use the GCM meter, use the same trees, the same terrain textures, and everyone must use the cluster rules. For anything to be changed, modified, gotten rid of, it had to be presented to each person who runs one of the individual sims. I invited two people to join our cluster, and as soon as they got their foot in the door they have decided they will not use the rules, they will not use the meter, have changed terrain textures, put up a sim surround that spans
  7. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ M A D G I R L N I N J A S https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/48158 http://madgirlninjas.wordpress.com/ http://slurl.com/secondlife/Davo/53/101/3792 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey there all you Ninjas! The Mad Girl Ninjas would like to thank you all for being our fans, and for making our business a success. Like any successful business we're always looking for ways to
  8. Apparently if you save the file outside the program, then you can upload them into the viewers. Do not save BVH files in the Qavimator or Avimator folder!
  9. I also make my poses using avimator. The first release of firestorm i was still able to upload animations under the standard BVH but in firestorm with mesh, and now the official release of firestorm i can't. I have to log on the v.1 pheonix viewer to do any uploading of animtions, and i've been searching the internet for the reason but haven't found an answer yet.
  10. Does this exist? It's taken me a year to get my business up, running, and with lots of different options. I'm not an Animator (big props to you guys thoug!) but I do make poses. We've been really well as of late :D I think its time to go to the next level. We've got our inworld shop up and running (and its doing well in terms of paying for itself), and so i figure the next step is even more public. So i was wondering if there is a pose/animations group for everyone to collaborate in. I've seen a few but they top off at 13 members. Also, i was wondering if there might something that's like Hair
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