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  1. Thank you both for the replies! I figured it out. For some reason the avatar is in three parts. Once I joined the torso and legs before weighting the clothing, it uploaded just perfectly! Is that Avastar avatar suppose to be in three separate parts (head, middle, lower)? If not, I must've fudged somewheres lol. Previously I was weighting the dress to the legs and torso separately, which was twisting the mesh sideways upon upload. So excited now. <3 Thank you both again for taking the time to help. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  2. I'm new to creating mesh entirely, so I'm positive I'm doing something wrong. (Obviously lol). Any help would be greatly appreciated and I would love you long time. :matte-motes-big-grin: Here's pictures of what the tank top looks like front and side when I upload. It also doesn't load right in the mesh model preview screen. If I try to upload unrigged mesh (not what I want), it looks just fine. With rigged mesh, it shows up to the side. Using Firestorm, Blender with Avastar. Tried using SL viewer and same results.
  3. Looking for family oriented sim communities that cater to the family rp lifestyle and also have plots of land and/or houses for rent/buy. I know of Somersby, but it isn't really aesthetically pleasing for me. lol. Much preferred BayShore Heights, but no lots available. Anyone have any suggestions for communities out there? Thanks in advance!
  4. LMAO! So wrong. OP, may want to check out The Dominion Femdom sim. It's a fun place for a woman. But also, there's quite a few shops there and a couple of them have furniture/items that are meant for punishing/holding/having fun with males. Good luck!
  5. I know there's a few out there, some of them beautiful. So my question is... Does anyone have any suggestions of nice themed communities they've come across? I don't really have a price range. But I'd love a community with lots of greenery. Anything outside of Fantasy, Medieval, etc. lol. Looking for something more realistic. Anyway, just wanting to hear some places that you guys have seen or know of. =] Thanks in advance.
  6. Ceka, I just finished watching "The Man From Nowhere".... One word... UH-MAZZZINNNNNG!! I'm just like wow, atm. Lol. It was SUCH a great movie! I loved it! Definitely going to be telling friends about this movie! ;D
  7. Thanks everyone, for the replies! Some good animes mentioned. I'll have to check some of them out. I do remember starting Vampire Knight, but can't remember what interrupted me and I haven't gotten back around to watching. Lol. Haven't seen High School of the Dead, but have heard good things about it! Would love to hear more replies about favorites.
  8. Not everyone loves anime, but if you do, what's your favorite series or movie? Or rather, your top 5 of all time. Not looking for a debate on what's not good or what's great, just your own personal favorites. ;D
  9. I'm looking for personal blood dolls to feed off of and to possibly let other clan members do so as well. I'd prefer submissive individuals. Male or female, doesn't matter. Must actually like the vampire/lycan world and be decent at light roleplay. I want our time to have substance when you're around me or the clan. I want us to genuinely get along. Lol. Apples and/or cider will be provided to you by myself or a clan member if I decide to share. ;] If interested or want to talk more on the subject, IM me inworld. - Meriketta Harcourt 
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