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  1. My avi's regular system eyes are crossed. no mesh head. How do I straighten her eyes?
  2. Why can't I purchase items on Market Place? I get a message everytime that says "There was a problem charging your payment method." I have not changed anything. A friend of mine also is having the same problem.
  3. Looking at a new computer. Would this card handle sl AMD Radeon HD 8670D ?
  4. Looking at a new computer. Would this card handle sl AMD Radeon HD 8670D ?
  5. are child avatars allowed in moderate areas?
  6. when I click on the control panel and go to the website I get this meassage "Whoops! There was an error in processing your selection or the house is not responding. Please click again on the house control panel inworld or try again later." How do we fix this?
  7. How many prims are we allowed to use in building vehicles in SL?
  8. I just moved into my Linden Home only to find out the neighbors have a group of breeding horses in their home. Is this allowed here?? They cause lag and I don't want to be lagged by them. The house number is 123 in Folcastle. Is this something I need to make a ticket on?
  9. I was told I could try 5 times in a 24 hour peiod to get a Linden house I wanted. Then, after I abandoned my house, I am told there are no more houses available. I know better, I know there are many houses available. Why am I being lied to?
  10. Can I choose a Linden home I found on the waters edge that I want?
  11. Can I choose a different house that I like better? Or do we have to settle for what is given to us?
  12. can we get more prims with our Linden Home?
  13. I have been trying for 2 days to get an item to transfer from my Magic Box to my store inventory. I won't transfer for some reason. Could someone please help me? Thanks Jazzy Lupindo
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