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  1. Actually there isn't, its not my rp region im tryng to get rpers connected with others in sl for similar rp experiences. are you a mod or just a random person in sl?
  2. Thank you i'll look that up and remove this post
  3. so what do I remove , we are looking for a specific group of players , hmm , just trying to reach out.
  4. how....what...the heck...no just no. *goes off to find coffee*
  5. most rp sims have combat of somekind but it's easily avoided you can try http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aegis Island/187/79/4002
  6. Fire and shadows, Elemental and shadow demon.
  7. sorry missed this. can be sold to Ferro/Cabbala as well , combat is not needed if you just want to rp without the hud battles.
  8. Search roleplay, usually brings up a list of rp sims for me
  9. Slave Role Players Wanted! - Origins of Sin (OoS) is looking for role-playing submissives and slaves to join our roleplay sim. All slaves are to be of a fantasy genre, human to non-human, succubi, demi humans, almost all races are allowed as per sim rules. Slaves are to be captured (via OoS HUD) or Free-from Combat via OOC agreements around ERP limits and mutual consents. (consent is a must) Slave/Capture role play could involve being housed, used, tortured, abused , breeding programs and may even involve being auctioned off in a public rp setting or taken to the slave pi
  10. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wish Mountain/112/128/1005 https://novusascending.wixsite.com/secondlife
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