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  1. https://sphereofnuvaria.weebly.com/
  2. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wish Mountain/112/128/1005 https://novusascending.wixsite.com/secondlife
  3. I've been trying to add a new payment option but as i put in all my information I can do nothing on the sl website, there is no button to click at all to make a payment or buy linden. it just says - Attention! Please make sure that all your information is entered correctly before submitting your payment. and that is it, no other buttons, I cant hit enter nothing allows me to put in payment so I can buy L. There literally is nothing that will let me go to the next step, I'm using IE the latest version.
  4. Looking for one or two roleplayers that wish to play a demon spawn in midevil rp. you don't need to know all there is to know about demons, we will teach you. Must at least understand basic rp rules and ettiquette and adhere to the rules of the sims we are in. Dedication and decent rp times , late nights and random days. -must be sane- Must be able to know the difference of ooc and Ic and can seperate the two easily, easy going person who just enjoys rp and would enjoy a demon family setting. Long term, can stand on thier own feet eventually. you will start out child like and move on i
  5. sorry for the late reply , rl work has me bogged down a little. thank you everyone for your views and i've decided to make the shadow demon skin free, only because i'm going to redo it and make it a complete av as soon as i've mastered mesh. if not well then sculpties lol. thank you myst that was amazing and alot of that i really had no idea about, you are incredibly informative and i feel i should be paying you lol. To make matters easy we have simply disolved the friendship, i no longer will be doing html rp or any form of chat based roleplay. I will be in sl for as long as
  6. that is a great idea, the problem is finding the real source lol. i'll be doing my homework and thank you for the input -revised- so i looked it up and the actual rights to the shadow demon name belongs to a band... oo sweet hope i can get ahold of them
  7. So i'm a content creator and a roleplayer, i tend to make things I need sometimes for rps i'm in. alot of the time i'm more concerned with something i would actually wear and would look good in sl then who all wants it. So being in many groups that have died and are still alive over the years i've made many many avatars over the years as well. I have an issue with one in particular. A long time ago a group i ran with in html chat rooms fell apart and i came to sl, i aske permission of the lead of this group if i could set up the blood line in sl and i was given permission. so a few
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