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  1. Oh Great no second life server roll , the last one 3 days ago was a disaster, We have an airport and sim crossings have been excellent , after this last roll we cannot fly at all , there is no handover and all we do it get dumped , , , we fly to to beat each other score so we would do many take off and landings , but the whole area is useless, yes my partner put a ticket in for all the good that will do , it wont get looked at for a week , i am surprised no one else is complaining ,i guess its just our area , I fail to see how a roll can bugger things up so bad, i thought rollovers were supposed to improve things not make them worse
  2. By Tues it will be 21 days since our mainland sim was restarted , flying is crap as all the sims around are just as degraded but nothing we can do except wait till LL decides to restart
  3. I downloaded firestorm, last night, i did 2 runs in the plane I flew out 2 sims and turned around and landed the first time ok second run i froze on landing and was logged out . Tonight i left the runway and froze right away ( on firestorm ), the plane went poof and i was sitting stopped in midair then the screen went grey and i was logged out . Next run i froze entering the 2nd sim out , plane went poof again and i was on the ocean floor , screen went grey and i was logged out again . I logged back in at my homestead sim with the Alchemy viewer this time , i tried to teleport to the mainland airport but it hung and eventually logged me out . I came back in with Alchemy again , this time i could teleport to the airport ok . i did 3 runs , which consists of going out 2 sims and turning back to land , all 3 runs went well. I have downloaded the Singularity viewer that Whirly Fizzle gave me the link to , i have been in sl with my 2 alts about 45 minutes and have not been logged out yet ( i was being logged out with the previous singualrity alpha viewer i had, usually within about 15 minutes , that version of singularity has become unusable on SL ) Tomorrow night i will try this version of Singularity flying , hopefully sim crossing will be ok and no log out. My partner uses Alchemy and she had about 6 successful flights tonight with no being logged out
  4. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whirly Fizzle I tried that singularity viewer build at the link you gave , not sure what you do with it , its a bunch of files and not a viewer download , ,when i click the download it asks what program do i want to open them I just did a flight on our mainland air strip , i used Firestorm , first run was ok , second run i came over edge of runway to land and froze then a short time later i was logged out , i didn't fly anymore after that , tomorrow night i will be doing more
  5. I was going to post that i downloaded firestorm and it is pretty well identical to singularity and i would be happy using that, i have been in a while with all avys of mine , that makes 3 of us , i teleported from my homestead to the mainland air strip , that went ok , after a while i went to teleport back to my homestead, well it hung so i stopped it but i couldn't move so had to log out . Anyway i saw Whirly Fizzle's post and i will try that singularity download , if it doesn't work i think i will be happy with firestorm , what i like about both of them is the 1024 m draw, instead of the SL viewer and Alchemy 512 m draw , i will add though i did find Singularity hopeless for flying even before this latest problem of sim crossing and being logged out , i found the viewer froze a lot on sim crossings and i got dumped to the ocean floor , I had used singularity to build the mainland airport and also the marina with no problem , but last week when i tried to do some runway work the FPS dropped to around 1 and i could hardly move so i had to use Alchemy Thanks Whirly Fizzle
  6. MBEATRIX you asked "Are you using the EEP project viewer?" Yes when i opened the sl viewer the update was there and the EEP documentation was there , so yes i was using the EEP sl viewer when i had that failed teleport from my homestead to our mainland airport . My partner uses the alchemy viewer and she went ok , i will say once i relogged back in and tried to teleport again , it went ok
  7. UPDATE 3 i logged back in again and this time i could teleport to the mainland sim , , i guess we just have to put up with it
  8. WHIRLY FIZZLE on my homestead i always use singularity , when flying on our mainland airport singularity is useless so i have used the SL viewer or the Alchemy viewer, the described condition of being logged out on border crossings was with both the SL viewer and the Alchemy viewer , my partner always uses the Alchemy viewer. and she had the same problem . As per my post re. being constantly logged out on my homestead with singularity , i decided to try the SL viewer and when i brought up the log in screen there was an update to the latest version . I have myself and my 2 alts logged in on the SL viewer and it seems fine , that is on my homestead , i will be flying tonight so we will see how that goes , i will try the SL viewer there but quite frankly i hate it with a passion , i have used singularity forever ,but it looks like i can't use it anymore and that degrades the SL experience for me , Just to add, re your question on Singularity , today when i had the constant being logged out on my homestead ,i was on the regular singularity , i have the alpha build and sometimes i use that but not for flying , i use neither singularity for flying , i haven't tried the singularity alpha build on my homestead yet re the being logged out , that is just new today after the rolling restart ., just wanted to see how the SL one does and it seem good , no being logged out , i will let you know re the alpha build singularity. i hope it is ok . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATEI checked the Singularity website and my alpha build was not the latest , i uninstalled both singularity viewers , restarted and installed the latest alpha build , I logged in myself and my 2 alts , ( In my homestead ))after about 15 or 20 minutes i got logged out , then shortly after both my alts got logged out . So it looks like i can't use singularity anymore , i have to use that sl viewer which i hate . As for flying i might not get to our mainland airport for a day or two to fly and see how sim crossings are --------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 2 , well i am on the latest updated SL viewer, my homestead was restarted this morning as a rolling restart . So latest region restart . latest SL updated viewer, I went to teleport to our mainland airport and it hung and hung , then logged me out , it gets worse and worse, I have been in sl 13 years and never experienced this , is this what we pay good money for , damn ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE 3 i logged back in again and this time i could teleport to the mainland sim , , i guess we just have to put up with it
  9. Well this is new , they restarted my homestead 4 hours ago , i have had it for 5 years. I logged in and also logged in my 2 alts which i have done tons of times before , after about 15 minutes we were all logged out , I logged us all back in again , they sit on the back of the boat and i went to the boardwalk ,when i got there i as logged out , the other two were not , I logged back in , went for the walk around the island , when i got back they were gone , i checked their screens , both were logged out . Logged us all back in again , ,about 10 minutes later i was logged out , shortly after they were both logged out . i haven't been to the mainland airport yet , that was restarted this morning so until we fly tonight i wont know , i do know i went there this morning after the restart there and could not telport home so i just logged out . In all the years i have been on my homestead i have never been logged out This is getting silly , i could understand if SL was free but we all pay through the nose to be here and LL could at least keep us informed as to what the H is going on I use singularity viewer which i have used forever , i have no fancy skies , and atmospheric shaders in unchecked , everything is as it has always been We did fly on the mainland airport last night and it went ok,as i said we just do circuits , go out 2 sims, turn around and land , we try to beat each other in scoring , just now i checked my screen , i was logged in just myself, i wanted to get the server info and guess what i had been logged out again , this is unbelievable , i have a large shop i hope customers are not getting logged out too Second Life Server
  10. As described by Aishagain is exactly what i and my partner are experiencing , i get that same grey screen after freezing , i would say on sim crossings but its more like no hand over to the next server when crossing you describe then i have to quit and then when i go to teleport back to the airport it becomes a joke , i generally go to a different viewer to get back , but no matter what viewer its the same Alchemy , SL viewer , singularity . My viewer settings have always been the same ,
  11. We are having the same problem ,it started with the rolling restart 2 weeks ago , since then sim crossings are horrible , My partner and i play a scoring game . all we do is fly out 2 sims and turn around and try and beat each others landing score . We have done this for a long time at many airports, we have our own airport now and until 2 weeks ago it was not bad , we crashed the odd time but that just the way it was, you got dumped and wound up on the ocean floor but now its impossible , now the plane 80% of the time just keeps going until SL logs you out , also i have found teleports terrible trying to get back to the airport, i and my partner are sick and tired of being logged out on sim crossing freezes The rolling restart a couple of days ago did nothing , we had 11 days between the original restart and the one a couple of days ago Our airport is basically useless for how we use it , and we have been flying this way for over 3 years
  12. Price reduction ,,,,was 37,000L new price 30,000L. this price will be in effect until Nov.9 after Nov 9 land will be abandoned then available from LL for 49,152L or through the auction . 16875 prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morag/177/86/54 SOLD
  13. Mainland 3/4 sim for sale 49,152 sq,m Price 37,000L ( originally paid LL 49.152L ) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morag/178/77/55
  14. I have been looking on MP and inworld for a large plane lift to lift planes of all sizes from lower to upper runway I do not see any available , is there a slow script for the purpose , i assume i will have to make my own lift. If anyone has such a script i am willing to pay for it
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